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Welcome to Merideth Mehlberg International. Helping corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, and other business professionals create satisfying and meaningful work that enriches their lives and benefits their organizations is our passion.

  • Are you ready to step into your power and live up to your professional potential?
  • Are you looking for fulfilling work—work that aligns with your principles and helps you make the contribution you long for?
  • Do you crave a change, but don’t know where to start?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you’ve come to the right place.

Through one-on-one and group coaching and consultation programs, our team has helped hundreds of people find success and fulfillment—both at work and in life. Whether you’re in career transition, or looking to develop your leadership skills, we can help.

Using our proven coaching approach, together we determine the best techniques to help you get results based on your individual needs, learning style, and preferences.

Find out more about our coaching programs and how we can work together by scheduling a 20-minute complimentary introductory session We’ll discuss your unique situation and determine the coaching package that is best for you.

Let today be the day that you take action toward your future. Career success and fulfillment are within reach—we can show you how!


Help! How do I Reinvent my Career Now?

Are you struggling to re-invent your career…or do you know someone who is? I’m happy to announce that on Monday, April 24, 2017, I’ll be conducting a half-day workshop for a wonderful organization, ReBoot Career Accelerator for Women. ReBoot offers a unique set of programs designed by women for women to help them re-enter the workforce after a break in employment to raise children. Their programs help you prepare to compete in today’s connected world, landing a job that makes you feel fulfilled and impactful professionally. I recently conducted this workshop for them and it was so well-received that they have asked…

Working With Your Spouse: Insights, One Year Later

My husband and I recently celebrated an important milestone: a year of working together. In January 2016 he resigned his last job and began working with me in the coaching and consulting company I have run for the past 13 years. It was a big step, one that we had noodled on and off for a long time and then happened very suddenly when he came home one day announcing he had tendered his resignation. From that moment on, we never looked back. Our life now looks completely different than it did before: we’ve essentially switched roles….

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