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Our dedicated team of experts provides a suite of career services proven to help you meet your goals. From executive and career coaching to resumes, interview preparation, and photography services—Merideth Mehlberg Career Group will support you in all aspects of your career.



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Listen to engaging interviews with industry leaders and career professionals with diverse talents, interests, and expertise. Interviews with people like Pam Slim, Jia Jiang, Chris Guillebeau, and Dr. Christine Carter who share their wisdom, unique outlooks, and best practice strategies— prepare to be informed and inspired!

  • Jorge Dalmau, Boat builder & racer
    Deborah's comprehensive approach helped me with my career transition. Her enthusiasm and expertise was invaluable in plotting a course toward a new career. I would strongly recommend Deborah to anyone looking to improve or change his or her career.
    Jorge Dalmau, Boat builder & racer
  • Beth Budwig, UX Leader
    Celia is one of those rare people—she’s incisive and direct, yet warm and compassionate. This balance was key as I grappled with job search and then unemployment. She helped me play at a high level and I landed a fantastic job thanks to Celia's help with interview prep. She shifted my thinking and helped me show up as my best self.
    Beth Budwig, UX Leader
  • Niccolina Mangroo, Head of Global Programs
    Insightful, thoughtful, savvy, and action-oriented, Merideth was instrumental in catapulting me from analysis-paralysis to defining my goals and building an action plan to meet them. She has the ability to validate your thoughts and ideas, yet simultaneously challenge and encourage you to think outside of the box.
    Niccolina Mangroo, Head of Global Programs
    Merideth is supportive, personable, and takes a genuine interest in helping you achieve your goals.
  • Jonathan Kaplan, Communications Officer
    If you're looking to better understand your career and how to give more or get the most out of where you are, I highly recommend working with Merideth. Her work ethic is second-to-none and, more importantly, she's compassionate and empathetic. This was a real partnership and, because of it, I feel more energized, more skillful, and more creative.
    Jonathan Kaplan, Communications Officer
    Open Society Foundations
  • It’s like job therapy.
  • Beth Budwig, Sr. Director of Employee Experience
    Like a really good NPR interview. It was interesting, engaging […] all gems, a lot to take away and immediately implement, and other items for me to aspire to. I like how you customized the questions to be pertinent to others and me. You did a good job anticipating how it would apply to your specific audience.
    Beth Budwig, Sr. Director of Employee Experience
  • Erik Ward, Vice President Systems and Technology
    Deborah was an absolute joy to work with and when the time comes, I will work with her again without question. She unlocked multiple doors of opportunity by allowing me to answer fundamental questions about myself and my expectations. It was a sincere pleasure to go through the journey of discovery with her, and for our efforts to lead to such an outstanding outcome. Thank you, Deborah!
    Erik Ward, Vice President Systems and Technology
    GCT Global Container Terminals, Inc.
  • Niccolina Mangroo, Head of Global Programs
    Merideth served as both a coach and a cheerleader for me, which was exactly what I needed at the time, and she quickly picked up on this. Ultimately, my desire to make a change in my career became a reality with Merideth's coaching support.
    Niccolina Mangroo, Head of Global Programs
  • I’ve had more interest in my career, and I’m being presented with more opportunities from recruiters and company execs, in the last 6-8 weeks than I’ve had in years. These are mostly unsolicited interactions.
  • Merideth Mehlberg Career Group makes the most of our time together—when we leave an interaction, I’ve gotten what I needed and more!
  • Melissa Bell, Media Producer
    I wanted to let you know that I got a new job! I’m absolutely sure it’s the result of all the work you did with me to focus my goals and the wonderful resume and LinkedIn profile Madelyn created for me.Thank you so much for all of your amazing guidance. I could never have achieved this new job, my dream job, without you.
    Melissa Bell, Media Producer
  • Jonna Hensley, Country HR Consultant
    I got a contract HR Business Partner job through some crafty networking, which makes me proud. The job has a high probability of conversion to regular/full-time. It feels 100% right and I can say that with clarity because of my time with you!
    Jonna Hensley, Country HR Consultant
    Keysight Technologies
  • Patrick Lesandrini, Business Systems Consultant
    You remind me of Bill Moyers when you moderate these [interviews]. You get excited and ask great questions others are thinking about and that increases the speaker’s passion and the intensity of the topic. You are really good at this.
    Patrick Lesandrini, Business Systems Consultant
    It-Shift LLC
  • Kathleen Bryson, Marketing & Communications professional
    Deborah helped me develop a dialogue about how to position myself as a seasoned professional looking to transition into a new industry. She helped convey this on my resume and LinkedIn page as well. I loved working with her, and found our work together extremely useful for my career search.
    Kathleen Bryson, Marketing & Communications professional
  • Niccolina Mangroo, Head of Global Programs
    Prior to working with Merideth, I had interviewed seven other coaches. It only took one conversation with her for me to know that Merideth was exactly the kind of coach I was seeking.
    Niccolina Mangroo, Head of Global Programs

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