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Hi, I’m Merideth Mehlberg and I am an Executive Coach and Career Strategist. Through my one-on-one and group coaching programs, I have helped hundreds of people like you find success and joy—both at work and in life.

I have worked with top executives from companies such as Starbucks, Intel, Oppenheimer Funds, PG&E, Colliers International, and others. My proven coaching methodology helps me to hone in on the best techniques designed to get results with your individual needs, learning style, and preferences in mind.

Find out more about me and my coaching programs by scheduling a 20-minute complimentary introductory session; we’ll discuss your situation and determine which coaching package is best for you.

Let today be the day that you take action toward your future. Career success and joy are within reach—let me show you how!


Seven Skills You Must Master to Thrive in Your Career (Part 2)

In the first part of this two-part post, I outlined the first four of the seven essential skills for thriving in your career. Here are skills 5-7: 5. Curiosity. Try to always keep a beginner’s mind. Keeping yourself open to new perspectives is imperative in leadership and career mastery. I work a great deal on helping candidates prepare for job interviews, and a big part of that is cultivating a sense of curiosity. My clients have done the work to figure out what they are looking for in their next opportunity, so in the interview, their primary task…

Seven Skills You Must Master to Thrive in Your Career (Part 1)

When I work with executive coaching clients, I help them explore what they want most from their careers–and by extension, their lives–and then I help them get it. To do this, we examine what their dream outcome would be. Once we clearly have this vision, we figure out how to make that a reality—this is no small task! In doing this exercise, we often uncover beliefs and skill gaps that need to be addressed before the goal can come to fruition. Although each person’s journey is different and their story unique, there are some themes in terms…