How Dancing With the Stars Feeds my Soul

Time sure seems to be in short supply these days. The hours whiz by and my To Do list is always longer than what I can possibly get done in any given day (or week). It’s a bit demoralizing, to tell you the truth.

I have a tendency to measure my sense of accomplishment based on how productive I am. Can you relate? Somewhere along the way I developed the (faulty) belief that my value increases with the amount of stuff I get done. My inner self knows that it’s not true, and I am working on changing this mindset. Looking at life from this perspective certainly has its drawbacks. One thing is for sure: it is a measuring stick I always seem to fall short on.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I often have days when I don’t get the important things done. When I say important, I’m distinguishing them from the urgent things. I usually get the urgent tasks done because they knock on my door. It’s the important tasks and projects that tend to get pushed aside.

What are the important tasks?

They are the goals we set in quiet moments when we access our inner wisdom and look at what we truly want for our lives. They are the ideas and images that appear on our Vision Boards, in our affirmations and in our minds when we imagine what we want our life to be.

These goals tend to get lost in the every day chaos of human existence.

In my work, I strongly encourage (and in fact, almost require) my clients to check in with me each week by phone or email.


Because I find that it serves them.

As is human nature, we tend to get preoccupied with what’s in front of us right now. Not because we want to, but because that’s the way that life works. As a result, the genuinely important tasks are likely to get placed on the back burner.

My job is to keep the central goals my clients set for their lives top of mind so they make progress towards them every week. It’s like a personal trainer you commit to meeting with each week so you know you’ll work out. You show up, do the work, and over time the results build. You take baby steps to get where you want most to go.

Like exercise, making positive change in life requires practice over a period of time to build new muscle and establish habits that stick.

We all need support to do this. I surely do. Whether it is an actual person or group keeping me accountable or a set of processes I implement, I find I’m most satisfied when I take regular action aligned with my authentic life priorities.

Here are a couple of ways I’m doing this:

  • Although I had set an intention to start exercising regularly, I just wasn’t doing it. Finally, I literally made time for it by creating recurring meetings on my Outlook calendar for my favorite dance classes and arranging childcare at those times. When the meeting pops up on my calendar, I still think “I have so much to do. I can’t possibly take the time to go.” Then, I take a deep breath and get my butt over there. I’m always happy I did because it brings me back into my body. After dancing, my head is clear, I sleep better and I can feel my physical strength building.
  • When the planets align and both kids nap simultaneously, I always first do something I want to do rather than have to. This restores my sense of calm and feeds my creative self. I can be surrounded by laundry, dirty dishes and other To Do’s, but I reserve those delicious first moments of quiet to read an article or book, write down a thought I’m pondering or simply sit down with a cup of tea to catch up on Dancing with the Stars. When I do, I feel such rejuvenation and relaxation, and can see whatever I’m frustrated about from a new perspective. The escape into the sparkly silliness of that crazy TV show recharges my energy for my responsibilities as mother, wife, daughter, friend and entrepreneur.

I’m wondering:

  • What are your true priorities for your life?
  • How do you live these priorities on a daily basis?
  • What support do you absolutely need to make this happen?

I would love to hear your comments.

To the rollercoaster we all are on,

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One Response to How Dancing With the Stars Feeds my Soul

  1. Tina April 26, 2011 at 10:57 am #

    Hi fellow #playbig sista!

    I wish I could say I recharged to Charlie Rose! This is embarrassing to admit but really bad Bridal Shows recharge me! *cowering in shame*

    Love that you dance to get that release!

    I have made a list of my important tasks to escape the guilt of long TO-DO list. Identifying my non-negotiables have helped alleviate some of the guilt.

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