I Don’t Want to be That Guy

I have a weird story to tell you.

Last weekend we took a road trip and stopped at a gas station for some fuel. I went into the little gas station store to buy some drinks for my family. As I approached the cash register, I noticed a guy in front of me.

Normal stuff, right?

What was interesting was what he was doing….

…He had a small stack of photos in his hand, which he was enthusiastically showing to the young cashier, who was trying to be nice but who I could tell was a bit uncomfortable with the whole exercise.

As I approached and got on line to pay, he also turned to me to share his pictures. He smiled and said, “This is me.” In one of the grainy photos, he was holding a tiger by the tail. In another one, he was slinging a gun alongside a man he identified as one of the Cartwrights from the show Bonanza.

He was clearly proud of himself. The message written all over his face was, “That was the time of my life.”

The photos were old, late 60’s early 70’s vintage.

I smiled, said something like, “Cool,” paid for my drinks and returned to the car.

The experience got me thinking…

…I don’t want to be that guy.

I don’t want to be the person whose best moments are behind them.

I don’t want to identify myself as someone who “used to do this” or “once was that.”

I want to always be looking forward, growing, learning and living…

…Creating what I want for my life so that it continually becomes more and more fulfilling.

Yes, I know there will be highs and lows. That is the rhythm of life.

And yet, the chance meeting with this tiger guy reminds me to continue to invest in myself, to grow, to learn, to become ever more aware of what makes my heart sing and move towards that.

I welcome your comments.

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