The Impact of Coaches

If you ask a room of adults to think about a coach or teacher who had a positive impact on their life as a child, you will find that most everyone has a vivid memory that still elicits emotion.

impact of coachesRemember that basketball coach that who didn’t cut you from the team because they saw potential? Or the music teacher who was always willing to patiently listen to problems? Or the soccer coach who was always respectful to opponents, win or lose?

Coaches and teachers have a huge impact on kids’ mental and social development. Children learn about confidence, respect, patience, sportsmanship, fairness, how to treat others, and so many other lessons that extend off of the field and out of the classroom—and into the rest of life. Coaches, in all forms, guide us to see the world and others in new ways.

Here’s the thing—the valuable guidance of coaches doesn’t have to stop at childhood! Working with a coach can enrich you life and help you to achieve your goals.  Every day in my coaching practice, I employ the skills of deep listening to understand my coaching clients and their challenges. I also provide accountability and support—attaining one’s goals is a team effort!

There are so many people in my life who have coached me when I needed career advice, motivation, and pep talks—and I still use coaches today! And, I am so fortunate and honored that for the last 10 years, I’ve been able to coach others in achieving their professional and personal goals.

I encourage you to find someone you admire and tell them so. Ask them how they got to be where they are today. You never know where the discussion might lead and how profoundly their answers may affect you!


Photo credit: Mitya Ku 165 via photopin (license)

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