Realize Your Dreams

The end of the year is upon us.


I don’t know about you, but 2013 has gone by incredibly fast for me.

This is the first year in a very long time that I’m planning to take the two weeks off between Christmas and New Year’s.

I’m realizing that this stretch of time is there for a reason: not just to celebrate the holidays, but also to rest, reflect, and prepare for the beginning of the next year.

It is tempting to let life  just happen to us.

With all the demands we have on our shoulders to work, parent, be responsible sons and daughters, keep up our households, volunteer in our children’s schools, and take care of our health, it can be overwhelming to consider taking the wheel in our lives and steering the ship where we want it to go. While we can’t control all the factors in our lives, the people who are achieving great things are being deliberate about it.

Being deliberate has three parts, in my mind. It includes:

  1. Figuring out what you really want. Have you ever written down goals for the year? People who get what they want in life make room and structure for taking time to figure out what they want. Some do it through free writing, some take retreats to set goals, some simply make some notes on their computer, and yet others work with a coach like me to launch a full inquiry into what they truly want for their life. Any and all of these steps work—you just need to take them, spending concentrated time focused on defining what you truly want.
  2. Putting that desire out into the universe. Okay, I know that sounds a bit quirky and woo-woo. Yet, it is an integral part to getting what you want. Putting the energy, thought, and intention into the ether about what you want, and welcoming the outcomes you truly desire is an essential step in having them come to you. And, it works—even if you don’t believe it.

Try this experiment: the next time you are driving around trying to find a parking space on a busy street, put conscious, positive energy in the universe by thinking and saying aloud something like, “My space is going to show up any time now,” and see what happens. For me, it works every time. Whether you say the desires out loud by reading your list of goals to yourself every day or you create and hang a vision board in a place where you will see it every day, or if you hold out your arms to the skies and state your deepest desires, this step of putting the desire out to the universe is critical. When you do this, you automatically have to let go of the negativity you may be feeling. It is conversely related to reach for what you want while holding onto what holds you back. That is part of the power of this step.

  1. Taking action, a step at a time. Your dreams are not going to come to you without you drawing them toward you. How do you do that? By dividing your dream into small, manageable steps that can be taken in succession. Figure out and focus on the smallest step you can take that can move you toward your goal today. Then you’ll be on track and will have the satisfaction of doing something that matters deeply to you. The trick is to do that each and every day. Some days you will do more, some days you will do less, but you will get there.

So, as you close out the year in the flurry of holiday merriment, I encourage you to set aside some time—before 2013 is over and while things are still fresh for you—to dream about next year.

Gain clarity by writing down what you most want to see in your life in 2014. Place the notes somewhere you will see them every day, and put your goals out into the universe as positive, possible energy. Then take one baby step toward those goals every day.

A year from now, you’ll be very happy you did.

Photo credit: Alice Popkorn

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