Readying the Soil for Planting

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the raised garden bed in my backyard, lying fallow as we ready for the planting season.

I am thinking about blending in the rich, loamy compost to bring nutrients to the soil and ultimately to the tender, young seedlings. Then, a deep watering or two to bring moisture back into the sun-baked earth. Both these components are an essential precursor to planting new flowers, vegetables, and fruits. Without these ingredients, plus the consistent care of us gardeners, the plants will not thrive—or even survive.

Like the readying of the garden bed, preparing for a transition in your career requires some essential ingredients. One is to get clear on what you want to create for yourself. Another is to surround yourself with supportive people who can help you reach your goal. Both components are integral to the success of your transition.

Introducing: new team members to help you reach your career goals.

To help provide that support, I’m excited to announce that my company now offers additional coaching and career practitioners. I have personally selected these seasoned professionals after a thorough screening process. They work under my company umbrella to provide you with a one-stop shop approach to career design and transition. Several packages are available to meet the varying needs – and budgets—of my clients.

Meet some of my new team members!


Professional photographer Nancy believes that a phenomenal image is a powerful marketing tool that can convey the best you have to offer.

From executives and entrepreneurs to authors and speakers, Nancy has worked with professionals of all types and companies of all sizes.

Her signature process helps people define their message and determines the best visual strategy to support their brand.

She has been creating dynamic images professionally for over fifteen years. Her extensive client list includes: Lean In, Morgan Stanley, Williams-Sonoma, HNTB, Suite Seven, Coldwell Banker, My Fitness Pal, and Bender’s Whiskey.

For my Bay Area clients, Nancy provides stellar photographic headshots to use on LinkedIn and elsewhere for personal branding purposes. She consults with you on wardrobe, and then welcomes you into her East Bay studio where a photo shoot yields a handful of top-notch shots from which to choose. Even if you don’t enjoy having your photo taken, you will find the experience of working with Nancy to be empowering and energizing.

Contact me to learn more about the importance of a phenomenal photo and to how to hire Nancy to create one for you.

louise_geokel_teamMMLouise is a Career Consultant who leads individuals to find their life purpose. With a Master’s degree in counseling and more than twenty years of experience providing business and professional development consulting, Louise shares her warm style and quick wisdom in her coaching sessions. She enjoys witnessing clients become more comfortable with themselves. An astute advisor and creative visionary for professionals seeking clarity as well as strategies and support to find more meaning in one’s life, she helps clients identify and balance their skills, education, talents, values, and passion with economic hopes and realities.

For my clients, Louise provides coaching packages in a series of 30- to 90-day sessions. She is quick to help you get to the bottom of things and make a plan for changing your situation to one of more alignment and ease.

Contact me to learn more about working with Louise.

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