A Strong Foundation

When my husband and I purchased our home seventeen years ago, it was just a patch of brown dirt.

Slowly, over several months, we observed as the home was constructed, visiting on weekends with our picnic lunch, lawn chairs, and the newspaper to witness the transformation of the bare ground into a lovely two-story house. It was an amazing, empowering experience.

We took pictures all along the way. I remember when they poured the foundation, carefully framing it up, placing the rebar, and pouring the cement. They then made sure that the concrete dried flat, so that the rest of the house would lie exactly as it should on top.

It’s such an important step—laying the foundation. If they had made even one mistake, the integrity of the house would be compromised.

Anything built on the faulty foundation would be crooked at best or need to be ripped out and replaced later, at worst. A faulty foundation would be further compromised by everyday stresses of leaks, earthquakes, and insects.

Just like the base of my house, a solid foundation is essential to laying the groundwork for a rewarding career. Building your core interview skills, your resume, online reputation, and your personal brand set you up for success and the ability to thrive in your dream career.

Introducing: team members to help you build the foundation to reach your career goals.

I’m excited to announce that my company now offers additional coaching and career practitioners to help strengthen your own foundation. I have personally selected these seasoned professionals after a thorough screening process. They work under my company umbrella to provide you with a one-stop shop approach to career design and transition. Several packages are available to meet the needs—and the budgets—of my clients.

Meet some of my new team members!


Celia has been a top-notch employment recruiter and executive search specialist for the past sixteen years, with prior experience in human resources and staffing for corporations and nonprofits.

From global companies to local start-ups, she has worked across multiple industries, including software/technology, consumer products, financial services, consulting, and sustainability.

She has placed candidates in finance, marketing, business development/sales, professional services, human resources, business intelligence, soft

For my clients, Celia provides interview preparation, role-play, and coaching, as well as company targeting and branding consultation. She excels in helping job searchers understand what recruiters are looking for and how to get past the gatekeepers in the corporate hiring process.

Contact me to learn more about how Celia can help you prepare to ace the interview


Madelyn is a talented resume writer who serves professionals from a variety of backgrounds, including corporate IT directors, MBA students, administrative assistants, city council members, non-profit managers, and factory workers.

Madelyn draws on her vast experience navigating several high-profile careers –as a published bio-chemistry researcher, a stage and production manager for four Tony Award-winning theaters, an officer with the American Red Cross, and as a career coach and resume writer – to help individuals brand themselves effectively for career transitions.

For my clients, Madelyn provides resume and cover letter writing services as well as LinkedIn profile updates. She extracts the information she needs from the job seeker to translate it into a cohesive resume story, highlighting relevant skills and experience to attract the desired position. A seasoned presenter, she is a Career Certified Management Coach, member of the National Resume Writers Association, and a Board Member of the National Speakers Association/Northern California.

Contact me to learn more about how Madelyn can help you activate your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Stay tuned to my next blog post where I introduce the remainder of our new team members!

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