Chat with Mer, July 7: Building a Legacy

I am excited about this month’s installment in the Chat with Mer series.

Join me and Theo Schwabacher, the Senior Vice President at Morgan Stanley and the Founder & CEO of the Women’s Intelligence Trust (WIT) as we discuss How to Build a Legacy.


Theo and I examine how she promotes a greater understanding of the issues affecting women via a powerful, interactive annual event in the style of a female-only TED talk. Watch a brief preview of my inspiring conversation with Theo.

The entire conversation will be available on Thursday, July 17, 2014.

Other topics Theo and I discuss include:

  • How to create a buzz for your ideas.
  • How to build a strong and committed community to help you further your cause.
  • How something you care about can take on a life bigger than you.

I believe Theo’s message is so meaningful that I’m making this event available without any sign-up or reservation required. View the preview here.

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