What You Are Meant For

You are meant to live a life that is meaningful.

what-you-are-meant-for-0115You are meant for a life that allows you to make a living using your true gifts and talents, a life that shines your light in the world. In fact, it is not only an opportunity, it’s your duty.

Because we need your best work to make the impact you were born to make.

No one can make the same contribution that you can, just as no one has your unique perspective or combination of talents, skills, interests, and passions.

You are meant to quench the craving inside you that longs for a life filled with being and living on purpose. You are meant to wake up every morning and say, “Yes! I’m excited to do what I get to do every day.” You are meant to feel that it is a privilege to get to do the type of work you do. You are meant to feel grateful, every day of your life.

You are meant to be an example for the people around you of what it looks like and feels like to do work that you love.

You are meant to stand in integrity with your most cherished values and feel like you are honoring them in what you say and do, in the company you keep, and the organization you work on behalf of.

You are meant to look back on your life at a later date and be proud and satisfied with the decisions you have made. You are also meant to forgive yourself for your mistakes as they have become part of the intricate fabric of your life, the collection of experiences that together have brought you to this moment, uniquely ready and prepared for what is in front of you now.

You are meant to not wait for things to be perfect before taking action in the direction of your dreams.

Rather, you are meant to figure things out as you go, taking steps each day towards what you intuitively feel is right for you in your life. You are meant to relinquish control of how you will manifest what you most want, and trust instead that daily steps, intention, and focused attention will get you there, in due time.

You are meant to try things that will not work out, and to detach from those outcomes so that you can experience and embrace the goodness that is coming your way next. You are meant to understand that life is filled with ups and downs, and that the down times always lead to up times, provided you persevere and continue to focus your attention, intention, and energy towards living a life on purpose.

You are meant to not know when your life will be over, and to use that fact as incentive to make sure that each day you stay present to your life and what is around you. You are meant to know that your life is important, and that you impact others with how you live it.

You are meant to feel joy, pain, sorrow, bliss, satisfaction, empathy, and love. Most of all, love.

No matter what has happened in your life to this point, you are meant to be able to choose to move forward deliberately in the direction of your dreams, whatever they may be. Although there are no guarantees in life, you are meant to experience free will in this lifetime, to be able to spend your precious time on this earth in constructive, life-affirming, and energizing ways that provide good to our planet, humankind, and to you and your family.

You are meant to feel that you—although you cannot control all things—are in charge of what you spend your days thinking about and what you spend your time doing. You are meant to realize, through doing, that small things can become big things over time, and that books can be written, marathons can be run, and major projects can be completed, one step at a time.

You are meant to wake up to the miracle that is your life and the truth that you have the ability to change your life, right now, and every day.

You can do it. You really can.

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