Building Business Opportunities

Many of my coaching clients meet with me to develop or refine their business plans, build clientele, modify their models, or solve administrative issues.

Building Business Opportunities

Occasionally, someone enlists my help with a discrete business challenge. In Dave’s case, that challenge came in the form of a fantastic opportunity to increase his business and enter completely new market.

Dave, a chiropractor, ran a successful practice for twenty years. Through a networking contact, he learned about a chance to offer on-site chiropractic services at the contact’s company, but he would have to submit a proposal. Since he’d always worked out of his own office, Dave felt unclear on the operational details of an on-site practice and wanted to be sure he prepared a great proposal.

Details and Standards

Seeking help from another business brain, Dave came to me to craft a comprehensive, winning proposal. We focused on practical challenges first: appointment logistics. How would appointments be scheduled? How cancellations be handled?

We talked through several solutions. Once we arrived at an approach that worked for Dave, I sensed a shift in his energy. He could visualize how the on-site operation would integrate with his existing business.

All in the Presentation

With Dave’s input, I placed all the elements of his plan into a structured proposal. Together, we fine-tuned the wording to fit his vision, which saved him the time and aggravation of creating a sale-closing proposal from scratch.

The proposal demonstrated Dave’s business acumen and presented him as completely capable of handling the on-site service.

Building on Success

Dave’s proposal was so well received that he used it to pitch another company. With these potential additions to his practice, he’s considering hiring additional chiropractors to handle the new business.

If responding to a business opportunity or dealing with business challenges has you stumped or frustrated,  schedule a complimentary consultation.

Note: Written authorization to share this case study has been received from this client. Certain details have been changed to preserve confidentiality.

Photo credit: Kiril Strax AGO: stairway via photopin (license)

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