On Love

Today is the day of love.

And I’m wondering how you are feeling about it.onlove-feb-2015

I have always enjoyed Valentine’s Day, even before I was in a relationship or a mother. There is something about hearts, pink and red, and making Valentine’s cards that makes me feel present and content.

I’m sure it is easy to feel sad on this day, too.

Sad if you don’t have the love you want.

Sad that your dreams for your life are not your reality.

Sad that you are starting yet another year and not on track to make what is important happen, so that this year will be different.

And yet, this year can be different.

If you truly want it to be.

All it takes is a decision. A choice, really. A choice that you can make right now, in this moment. A choice that only you can make for your life.

The choice is that you love yourself enough that you will go for the life you really want.

Yes, it is about love. Self-love.

You may not relate to that concept. Maybe you resist it, or feel it’s too froofy. Or, maybe the word that resonates for you is self-acceptance.

By deciding that you respect, love, and regard yourself highly enough to know that you are worth investing in, and that your dreams are worth your time, and that you are willing–you will find the way to bring more of what you truly want into your life.

Because choice really comes down to willingness.

  • What are you willing to put up with?
  • What are you willing to do to achieve what you want in your life?
  • What are you willing to let go of?
  • What baggage, outdated beliefs, and other behaviors that are no longer serving you are you willing to eliminate, in service of filling your head, heart, spirit, and schedule with effort made in the direction of what is truly important to you?

Make the decision that you are worth it, that your life is valuable, and that you deserve to be fulfilled in your life and career, while doing good in the world.

How you become fulfilled and how you do good in the world can take many forms. The trick is to get some clarity on what those things look like for you.

And then move forward, one step at a time, one baby step each day. Find ways to make your dream feel real and inspiring and front of mind for you, daily. And enlist the support of others in helping you make your dreams come true.

It is possible. You can do it.

All that stands in the way of it happening is you.

Your decision.

You can start today.

Let the power of your intention carry you forward.

You can do it.

All you have to do is love. Love yourself enough to not settle for a life that doesn’t fill you up to the brim.


Photo credit: K.Hurley Orange Dream via photopin (license)

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