Stay on Top of Your To-Do List

Do you struggle with overwhelm and feeling behind on your To-Do list?

You might not be using the right tools. Do you want a simple, effective tool for getting–and staying–on top of your list?

My new favorite tool is Wunderlist.


I discovered it through a coaching client and resisted using it, but once I finally downloaded this free application to my laptop and smartphone, it almost instantly changed my life.

I tried different task and project tracking systems in the past: Outlook task manager, Asana, written lists, and even putting date-driven tasks on my Google calendar as appointments for myself. I read David Allen’s book Getting Things Done and implemented some of his suggestions. All of it worked to a certain extent, but it also felt like I’d cobbled together a to-do system that was, at best, clunky. I wasn’t sure if I was staying on top of it all.

Enter Wunderlist. So simple and easy to use. Enter a task in 5-10 seconds and add a priority and a due date if you want. You can even share a particular list or task with a work colleague or family member. It instantly syncs to your various devices. I have two lists right now—one for Work and one for Personal use. I keep track of my client-driven tasks in my CRM and client project management system, but everything else goes in Wunderlist.

I set it so that when I open my browser, Wunderlist comes up as a tab that is always open—I can update it whenever a new task comes up.

As one of my mentors, Marie Forleo, says, “If it ain’t tracked, it ain’t real.” So, I add everything that comes up. When I have 5-10 minutes before my next meeting, I check Wunderlist to see what I can tackle right now. At the beginning and end of the day, I check out the list and put things in order of priority, if necessary. I single out the most important tasks in the morning to set my course for the day.

Task and project planning can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be.

With Wunderlist, the user interface is clean and the workflow of the application makes me feel like I can stick with it. Within the first minute, I was using the application, and I learned the whole thing in ten minutes, tops. I was able to empty my head of all the open loops swimming around in there and I immediately felt relief.

This is my kind of app. I don’t have anything to gain by recommending it to you, other than spreading awareness of its awesomeness. If you are struggling with your time and project management skills for all the open loops in your own life and career, consider checking out Wunderlist.

It may just be the tool you’ve been looking for.

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