Chat with Mer: Finding Your Inner Calm, 4/22

Do you feel stressed out by your life and the people around you?

simma_leiberman_mmIf you answer yes (and really, who doesn’t feel stressed these days), consider joining me for my interview with stress management expert and Fast Company blogger Simma Lieberman on:

Finding Your Inner Calm

Wednesday, 4/22 @ 12pm PT / 3pm PT

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These no-cost monthly Chat with Mer talks are focused on helping you build your sense of inner resourcefulness, and this month’s topic is right on point. Stressful situations are part of daily life and I’m pleased to welcome stress management expert Simma Lieberman to discuss techniques, tips and tools to find and keep your inner sense of calm when people around you are throwing “stress vibes.” 

You’ll learn:

  • How to let go of things you can’t control
  • How to stop obsessive and negative thoughts
  • Strategies for separating your stress from other peoples’ stress
  • How to develop and cultivate a sense of inner peacefulness

This no-cost teleseminar is part of my regular Chat with Mer series.  Consider joining me for this live presentation and Q&A, and walk away with practical tips you can apply to reduce your stress now.

Please join me – and tell your friends!

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