You Can Do It

“If you had a chance to share a message with the world, and could guarantee everyone would hear and understand you, what would you say?”

That was the question posed to me.

What would my answer be?LoveIsTheTrueBlack

As I sat in the audience at the Conversation Among Masters coaching conference, I heard an immediate answer come to me: You can do it.

Natalie Alexia was the woman who posed the question Natalie is a young English woman who had unwittingly started a global movement through her beautiful photography of all sorts of folks displaying their message written on their body. Beautiful, touching photos of even more beautiful people sharing their best stuff, from the core of their beings—all in an effort to unite the world in love and peace.

You can do it.

It seemed like such a simple statement, and yet it felt right to me, my message.


I spend my life embodying this statement.

It is the way I view the world. Professionally and personally, I see my role as to serve as a light-bearer to help others connect with their sense of inner resourcefulness.

I work with people to help translate challenges into triumphs, to overcome setbacks that have taken them off their game and help them find ways to come back into themselves, get grounded in what they truly want for their lives, and then take action to make that their reality.

I believe the only obstacle we face is the belief system that we allow to dominate our thoughts.

Messages we tell ourselves about how we can’t do it, or we are not good enough, or that we will only be able to live the life of our dreams when x or y happens. All of this is muck that keeps us stuck. It’s not a lack of time, money, willpower, discipline, or even time management.

My belief, the shining beacon that guides me, is that when we challenge the thoughts that keep us stuck, when we get some clarity about what we really want, become an observer and notice the thought patterns getting in our way, and then decide to take action anyway, a bit at a time or massively all at once, that we can truly change our lives for the better—and by extension, we can change the world, too.

If you are feeling downtrodden and held captive by thought patterns that hold you back, I invite you to consider that your limiting beliefs are the obstacle to claiming your power and stepping into your full potential. It’s the muck inside your head that ensures that you stay exactly stuck where you are.

When you open yourself to the possibility of having what you truly want, through the way you talk to yourself, everything can change. When you morph my message of you can do it into, “I am doing it,” coupled with baby steps towards your goals, everything changes.

In the words of Joseph Campbell:

Don’t be afraid to follow your bliss, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.

I believe that we change the course of history when we talk to ourselves in a way that makes things feel possible and that they are actually happening. Whether it is that you tell yourself, “I am living my dream,” “My ideal job is coming to me” or “I am a loving mother, wife and daughter,” etc. that is the secret to unlocking your potential.

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