coaching approach

Coaching Approach

Our approach to coaching uses a proven system customized to your needs, learning style, goals, and preferences. This program can include regular meetings, structured exercises, email accountability check-ins, and brief phone calls (as needed).

A typical coaching program includes five interconnected, non-linear phases:

Phase 1: Discover

Together, you and your coach will clarify and define your vision by exploring your values, interests, and goals. During this phase, we’ll identify and focus on what you love, enjoy doing, and want most from your work – and by extension, your life. You’ll be guided through a customized series of exercises designed to help you discover your true wants and needs. Throughout the process, our objective is to determine what enlivens you, find the direction that generates the most energy, and hone your wants to a definable set of information that can be further refined in later phases.

Phase 2: Explore

During this phase, we will evaluate your options for achieving your desired objectives. In a safe setting, we’ll test a variety of different alternatives – without commitment to any particular one – to illuminate your right path. You’ll leave this phase ready to pursue one or two options in earnest. We’ll also identify immediate changes that make your current situation more satisfying and productive.

Phase 3: Transform

Next, you’ll take step-by-step focused action to achieve your goals. This phase may include writing, reflecting, connecting with others, acquiring training, or other activities that support forward movement, tailored to the unique needs of your situation. You’ll be held accountable and receive coaching and consulting support; we’ll troubleshoot and celebrate wins together. You’ll feel encouraged as you move forward in ways that may have never seemed possible before.

Phase 4: Refine

As you gain traction toward your objectives, regular tune-up sessions will keep you on track. During this phase, we’ll continue to address and adjust your course as your needs, wants, and circumstances change. Together, we’ll work through obstacles and issues that arise.

Phase 5: Sustain

As you will notice in the graphic above, Sustain is the ring that encircles the other four phases holding all aspects of the coaching cycle together. As you gain greater clarity about what you want and work toward your goals, life will start to shift. To ensure that you get the continued support you need as new opportunities arise, the coaching agreement can be extended as needed.

Many clients find that maintaining continuity with coaching support, as they continue to navigate their new path, is a key ingredient to sustaining their success.

Click here to download the coaching approach infosheet.

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