How do you work?

We design a customized program for you based on your needs that includes a set of services redeemable over a period of time. Your program is based on a complimentary consultation we hold with you to understand your particular situation and desired outcomes. We do not offer hourly coaching programs.

Our company (MMI) includes a consortium of career practitioners, all with expertise in different areas of career transition and development. You work with one or more of our team members to progress through a set of services. Merideth and Kevin, MMI principals, guide you through the services and provide continuity of communication to the MMI team to ensure a seamless transition from one service to the other. This approach allows you to benefit from a variety of perspectives and specialties, and learn to listen to yourself in the process to define a career compass that makes transition an empowering, constructive process of self-discovery. Our approach is customized to you, allowing a personal experience and a high level of flexibility to accommodate the evolving needs of your situation.

Most of our team is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, though we also have resources in New York. Depending on your location and particular situation, you can choose to coach and consult with us in-person, by video, and/or by phone. Resume services are provided via phone and email.

How do I know which program is right for me?

Our first step is to listen to you and we build from there, focusing 100% on your specific and unique situation. We work with you every step of the way in a highly personalized, high-touch fashion where you also have input in how your program unfolds.

How long do your programs last?

Most engagements are 90 days to 120 days in duration, though there are other options.

What types of services do you offer?

1. Clarity Coaching: If you are considering a change in career direction/focus and have a desire to take a reflective look at what you want from the next chapter of your career, one of our career coaches will hold a series of sessions with you to help you clarify your values, favorite skills, natural talents, intrinsic motivators, ideal work environment, and leadership style. This process culminates in a vision of what you would like to create in your next career phase and can include some exploration of options that could be a possible fit. You collaborate with your coach to craft a custom action plan to support your particular situation and goals and will be expected to complete activities between sessions.

2. Executive Coaching/Consulting and 360 Reviews: If you are working in a company and want to advance, develop your skills and/or draw more satisfaction from the role you are in, one of our executive coaches will hold a series of sessions with you to help you clarify what’s important to you and how best to lead from that place, taking advantage of your natural talents and building upon those strengths. This type of engagement often includes a 360 review conducted with 6-8 of your colleagues to gain clear insight into your strengths, areas of most value, weaknesses, blind spots, and opportunities. The work can include executive advisory and coaching with regards to preparing communications, strategizing meetings and presentations; developing your social media strategy (blogging, speaking, white papers, etc.), integrating life priorities and stress reduction, among other areas. You collaborate with your coach to craft a custom action plan to support your particular situation and goals and will be expected to complete activities between sessions.

Personal Branding & Positioning
To inform this process, you educate the MMI team about the type of position being sought, providing job postings representing the target role.

3. Market Positioning Check: You’ll meet with one of our job search consultants to discuss your career aspirations and desired next role. An assessment is made about how your current positioning matches (or does not match), what a recruiter/hiring manager expects to see in a viable candidate, including core competencies, key language, and strategies to strengthen areas not optimized. A call then takes place between the job search consultant, resume writer, and you to agree how best to emphasize your strengths and minimize weaknesses in the resume and LinkedIn profile.

4. Resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter update: One of our professional resume writers partners with you to prepare an updated resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter to showcase your top achievements, core competencies, and career progression in the best light. This is a collaborative process and includes one to three revisions.

Job Search Consultation
5. Interview Preparation: You’ll work with one of our job search consultants to enhance your interviewing skills. Your objectives, interviewing concerns, employment gaps, and barriers to success will be discussed and a you’ll develop a strategy together. We’ll deliver a custom targeted set of interview questions and you’ll prepare answers—then we’ll role-play, simulating a real-life interview situation. Afterwards, a debrief conversation is held to strategize how to close any gaps to help you feel prepared for various interview scenarios.

6. Job Search Consulting and Accountability: You’ll work with one of our job search consultants to learn the tools needed to conduct a smart, targeted job search. The consultant works with you on various job search activities and competencies including:

    a. collaboratively preparing a list of five companies that are a potential good match, based on your stated career interests (these companies may, or may not, have current openings);

    b. an in-depth hands-on walk through the job search process, showing how to identify more companies to consider;

    c. discussion about effective networking strategies and developing an elevator pitch; and

    d. a primer on how to develop relationships through networking and informational interviews.

Regular accountability check-ins where the job search consultant will monitor your job search progress, offer guidance, and set goals for the period of time you’ll be working together.

What does it cost?

We are not an inexpensive coaching service. Our coaches and consultants are very experienced and we offer a comprehensive set of services. If your primary focus is on price, we are likely not the right service for you. If you have a budget you would like us to keep in mind as we design your program, you can share that with us during your complimentary consultation. We will work with you to maximize your investment, while providing the services and level of support that you need.

We design a customized program based on your needs and desired outcomes. Our programs for individuals range from as low as $795 to $4695 and above. We offer a comprehensive set of services including clarity coaching, positioning updates (resume, LinkedIn), interview practice, and job search consulting. Most programs for individuals range between $1995 and $3695 and last for 90 to 120 days. You pay for your program either in full up front or we offer a payment plan option.

Contact us for more information on scope and pricing of corporate engagements.

Programs are non-refundable. We want to make sure that you are all-in with your program, and we are 100% committed to your success in achieving your desired outcomes.

How do I get started?

The first step is to speak with one of our Client Connection Specialists who will explore a bit more about what you need and then we can put together a proposal for how best to work with you, including a couple options for moving forward. The quickest way to set that up is to have you visit here to fill out a short questionnaire; you will then be taken to a calendar to schedule your appointment.

How are you different from other coaching firms and services?

We recently conducted an in-depth market research study with a cross-section of our clients to get their perspective on how we are different from other coaching services. Here’s what they said:

  • Content – we work deeper, richer, and stronger than other coaches, guiding and narrowing to what’s important. “Not just give me the answers.” Leads to self-discovery and insights, confidence gained, and feeling grounded/centered.
  • Significant level of support provided—tailored game plan. Rapport, responsiveness, and deep listening.
  • Practical/pragmatic approach—with a clear process and accountability.
  • Whole person support—in addition to the business of job hunting.
  • Results-focused –I got the job I wanted.

A few quotes:

I’ve had more interest in my career and I’m being presented with more opportunities from recruiters and company execs in the last 6-8 weeks than in years. These are mostly unsolicited interactions.

They make the most of our time together. When we leave an interaction, I got what I needed and more.

It’s like job therapy.

Unlike most coaching and consulting services, we are not a one-practitioner shop. Our company includes a group of career practitioners, all with expertise in different areas of career transition and development. You’ll work with one or more of our team members to progress through a set of services.

Will I work with Merideth directly?

The program we design may involve coaching with Merideth directly and/or with one or more of our other coaches and consultants whom Merideth has hand-selected based on their skill, experience, and fit. Merideth and Kevin design your program to make sure that you are working with the practitioner(s) that are the right fit for your needs.

At any one time, Merideth coaches a handful of clients 1:1 and also facilitates many of our group and speaking programs. She does not work personally with every client, but is in the background for all client engagements and is available for questions and consultation about your program as you progress through working with us.

What happens if I get into my program and something changes in my situation?

We pivot. We outline a set of services for you at the outset that most times stick; however, occasionally something may happen during your program that leads you to a different set of desired outcomes than when you started with us. For example, a recent client came in thinking he wanted to land a new full-time job and through clarity coaching realized he actually wanted to be in business for himself, so his career coaching program evolved into a business coaching engagement. If you land your dream job before you finish redeeming your job search consultation program with us, we can modify your remaining program to help you with on-the-job coaching, for example. Due to the highly flexible nature of our engagement structure and our team of talented practitioners, if the need arises we can evolve your program.

What industries do you have experience in?

Our team has worked across a variety of industries, including:

  • Technology
  • Sales, Marketing and Advertising
  • Transportation
  • Human Resources, recruiting, and career development
  • Finance, banking, and Wall Street
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Nonprofit
  • Academia
  • City government
  • Science
  • The arts

Who do you work with?

Our sweet spot is mid-career corporate professionals seeking more fulfillment and satisfaction from their career. You need to be willing to look at your stuff. You need to be reflective, motivated, ambitious, and able to take responsibility for your situation. You will get the most out of the work if you are not in what feels like a desperate situation to earn income, as that will allow you to be more open to going deep with what you truly want from your career so you can come from a place of empowerment, preparation, and choice about what you want to do next.

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