Career Coaching

Isn’t It Time To Have The Career You’ve Always Wanted?

Are you ready to:

  • Build a satisfying career—one that energizes, rather than drains, you?
  • Take control of your professional life?
  • Align your career and personal life?

Whether it’s a career or job transition or a sense of purpose that you seek, one-on-one coaching can move you from an unfulfilling career to the dynamic one you desire!

One-on-One Coaching—Who is it For?

Any motivated, introspective, and dedicated professional can benefit from the support and guidance of a top-notch coach. We are a team of resourceful, respected, and ambitious professionals with a track record of success. Ideal candidates value the opportunity to be reflective and intentional in their career and life design and know that having a professional and confidential partner to help them is essential to guide them along the path.

You May Be Asking Yourself:

  • Where do I begin?
  • What are my options?
  • How can I be sure to make the right decision?

You are not alone. For the past decade, MMI has helped executives and entrepreneurs tackle their fears and overcome obstacles to craft a rewarding and satisfying professional life. As our practice has grown, we’ve added skilled and diverse members to our in-house team to provide a comprehensive suite of coaching and consulting services in the areas of career design, advancement, and transition.

Does it work?

Yes, it does! When we partner together, you learn and grow in a safe, supportive environment. We ensure that you have everything you need to meet your fears and obstacles head on—we are there providing you with a confidential sounding board and proven techniques designed to help you achieve success and fulfillment in your professional endeavors.

Don’t wait any longer to start making your dreams a reality. Book a complimentary 20-minute Intro Session today so we can design a coaching and consultation package that fits you.

What Types Of Outcomes Can I Expect From Coaching?

You set the agenda for what you want to achieve. Some possibilities include:

  • Clarifying your career vision and integrating it with your life priorities.
  • Exploring career alternatives, evaluating options to determine what’s right for you.
  • Reframing core beliefs and overcoming obstacles that impede your progress.
  • Making a plan for moving forward and taking action towards achieving your goals.
  • Launching or refining a job search to improve your effectiveness.
  • Developing a new personal brand to effectively position yourself in the marketplace.

What Types Of Support Are Available?

We offer a variety of coaching packages to suit your needs. From weekly sessions to independent, self-paced study programs, engagements are tailored to your particular situation.

From high-touch programs that incorporate regular coaching sessions, comprehensive accountability, structure, and unlimited access to your coach to a 10-week self-paced online course that walks you through inspirational curriculum designed to help you clarify your next career move, a variety of options are available to provide just the right level of support. Through a no-cost Intro Session, we’ll create a custom plan to meet your needs, mindful of the following variables:

  • Duration—typically 90-day or 6 months, though shorter or longer periods are available.
  • Level of support/access—Ranges from VIP, unlimited access via phone, email, or Skype to self-paced, independent study.
  • Meeting frequency—weekly and twice-monthly are most common. Options available.
  • Additional career services—resume writing, interview and job search consultation, and professional headshots are some examples of services available. Check here for details.
  • Coaching practitioner—We work with you to determine the best person to partner with you to fit your particular needs and situation.
  • Leadership development—If your focus is not about making a career transition but instead about building your leadership skills, please visit this page to learn more about our executive coaching services.

Other components that may be incorporated into your coaching program include:

  • Access to Blah to Bliss, our self-paced career design program, which can supplement the 1:1 coaching work or stand alone.

Now Is The Time To Realize Your Dreams

Don’t hesitate any longer; start building the career and life you want, now. Schedule your confidential Introductory Session, no-charge or obligation, and find out how our 1:1 coaching programs can help you get moving. We’ll learn about your needs, answer your questions, and craft the coaching package that is right for you.

We look forward to helping you discover a fulfilling career and life—isn’t it time you started living the life you long for, doing what you truly love?

Don’t stay stuck any longer—CONTACT US TODAY and let’s get started!

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