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Do you support or lead bright, talented executives and want to help them maximize their leadership talents and abilities? Or are you an executive looking to hone your skills and lead with greater ease, confidence, and mission, with your company’s support?

If so, I can help.

Coaching is the key to transforming a good career into one where leaders thrive at their optimum potential— feeling confident that they are making important contributions each day and that the people around them are energized to be on the team.

As an executive coach and career strategist, it is my goal is to help your leaders succeed.

Since 2004, I have helped hundreds of corporate executives and entrepreneurs craft and grow dynamic careers by helping them define and achieve their professional goals—and I can help you, too. Peruse a list of some clients I’ve worked with here.

I can help high-potential leaders in your organization to:

  • Prioritize their time on the right activities. Coaching in successful interaction with senior managers to create solutions, strategies, and completion of key initiatives, including effective communication and education, self-management, and discipline.
  • Elevate the performance of self and team through effective delegation. Change from reaction mode to coach and mentor, resourcing projects effectively to promote knowledge transfer, empowerment, and responsibility to team members.
  • Develop their personal leadership style and executive presence. The ultimate goal is to blend strong leadership ability with a management style that is effective and integrates personal priorities.
  • Build a better work culture and create followership. Shift the cultural aspects of the team towards increased collaboration, positivity, and productivity.
  • Increase their circle of influence and negotiation skills. Develop effective strategies to lead and advocate for themselves and their teams.
  • Learn how to effectively manage up. Develop and implement strategies to work efficiently with C-level executives and other senior leaders, including how to deal calmly and rapidly with changing priorities.
  • Reduce stress and build a better sense of personal/professional life integration. Set work boundaries. Integrate life priorities into daily work life and company culture to sustain energy and passion for the job.
  • Challenge and change old work patterns and beliefs that no longer serve. Examine their historic work style and determine the effectiveness of those strategies, beliefs, and habits in your current role and beyond. Craft and implement new systems, strategies, beliefs, and mindsets to improve effectiveness and minimize personal emotional, mental, and physical toll.

Where do we start?

If you want to retain top talent and help your leaders maximize their potential, then let’s talk. I use a pragmatic and action-oriented approach to guide company executives to reach their desired goals. Let’s explore how to put my skills to work supporting your team. In addition, if your need is for multiple coaches, I have a talented group of practitioners that I have personally-vetted, on-staff. I can work with you to assemble the right team to meet your requirements — contact me for more information.

Who is executive coaching for?

My clients are high-performing, respected, and ambitious professionals who have a track record of success but face challenges to their leadership capacity, learning edge, and work style.

They value the opportunity to be reflective and intentional in their career, and are looking for support to help them in this quest. They are ready to do the work of discovery and persist to see the process through to success. My clients are willing and able to make time for coaching and the accompanying activities, mindset, and growing awareness that deep reflection and purposeful action brings. If this sounds like your executives, read on.

Whether your leader is preparing for a move within the company or needs to grow their capacity in an existing role, 1:1 coaching can offer a supportive environment to try out new ideas, learn management and delegation techniques, and develop the skills to move from here to optimal performance—in a manageable, systematic way.

If you are looking to offer company executives personal and professional development and coaching—you’ve come to the right place. I’ll tailor a program suited to your needs.

Get in touch and let’s discuss how I can help your leaders advance—themselves and their teams—to new levels of productivity, engagement, and communication.

How do we get started?

It begins with a Consultation. We’ll meet to discuss the leadership focus areas and goals for your executive, followed by meeting between the executive and me. If we are a fit, then we’ll proceed with calibration meetings to align goals and get feedback.

As appropriate, I’ll conduct 360 reviews—in person, if possible—with the leader’s colleagues to gain valuable feedback. After administering assessment tools and the 360, I’ll have a comprehensive, detailed report of my findings and next steps for the coachee and sponsors of the coaching engagement. The executive and I will meet weekly or twice-monthly for Coaching Sessions, working through our development plan.

I’ll prepare comprehensive Evaluation reports at different milestones to mark progress, measuring accomplishments against goals and establishing next steps to continue to progress.

Let’s Do This.

When you work with me (or one of my skilled team members) you’ll have a professional partner committed to helping you or your leaders find your way toward a more effective, productive, and fulfilling work life. I listen carefully and then help design and implement an action-oriented plan to address the focus areas outlined in the coaching plan.

With more than a decade of coaching experience and expertise in the recruiting, hiring, and high-tech arenas, I am equipped to help you or your leaders navigate the world of business—whatever the level, whatever the goal. Let’s get started, today.

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