Resume Formats

Below please find several links to resume formats that clients have given permission for us to share with you (with genericized content inserted to protect confidentiality).

These are for illustrative purposes only, showing you how a person can highlight their favorite skills to attract the work they desire. It is not a prescriptive formula for how your resume should be worded or formatted. Your situation is different and your profile is unique to you. It is a collaborative effort between you and your resume writer/coach to craft your resume to reflect your preferences and experience in the light that allows you to make the contribution you long to make in the working world.

With your background and career aspirations in mind, please go through the various formats, noticing what you like and don’t like as you reflect upon how best to frame your experience and qualifications. Please come to our next discussion ready to discuss.

Resume writing is an art, not a science. Everyone you ask for an opinion about resumes will give you their unique take. What I represent here and with my coaching and consulting services is what I have seen work again and again for my clients in acquiring positions that allow them to do the work they long for.

On your Honor: We ask that you do not share this document with others or copy the content.