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Other Services

Real-Time Career Solutions to Fit Your Needs and Lifestyle

  • Do you need some targeted help to advance or improve your career?
  • Are you looking for inspiration and structure to help you make progress toward change, without a huge time investment?
  • Are finances a concern, yet you still want to move forward to achieve your goals?

If you answered Yes to any of the above, consider the following services and programs.

We’ve personally vetted practitioners to join our team—professionals who are experts in their respective fields—to provide top-notch services including: resume writing, headshots, job search consultation, and interview coaching. We’ve also created an on-line, self-paced course on career design and a personal resource library of interviews to inspire and inform you.

The following packages provide you with comprehensive support as you move through career transitions. Services are available a la carte or can be purchased together, and/or incorporated into a coaching program, so you can choose exactly what you need.

Please contact us if you have questions about these services. Let’s get started today to create your dream career—it’s not too late to have a life you love!

Resume Creation

Resume writing is an art and it takes a skillful wordsmith to interpret your professional background in a way that attracts your next career move.


Job Search Consultation

For those considering a career change, some of the biggest challenges include the basics of a successful job search: discovering organizations that could be a good fit, navigating the Internet to research the job market, developing meaningful connections with influential people, and applying for jobs.


Ace The Interview

If you are ready to enhance your interviewing skills, this package is ideal—especially for professionals who want to transition from one career to the next and/or want an edge in anticipating a behavioral approach to interviewing.


Professional Headshot

We live in the age of the image. When you apply for a job, the first thing someone does is Google you. In our connected culture, you need to have a professional image to display on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

A professional headshot increases your credibility, instills trust, and raises your market value. The right image also shows your sparkle, bringing out your authentic, best, self and helps you make a deeper connection with others online. A masterful photographer can coax that image from you. Put your best face forward, today!


Blah to Bliss

This online course takes you step-by-step through the career design process. Modeled after our one-on-one coaching work, we use inspirational videos, targeted worksheets, and success stories to help you make progress—in as little as 15-minutes per day, or just one to two hours per week.

The course unfolds over a 10-week period, but you can accelerate the learning process if you wish. Valuable on its own or in conjunction with our coaching programs, Blah to Bliss helps you make progress toward your goals every day.


The Career Space

Our curated resource library is a treasure trove of audio and video interviews with experts in a variety of fields related to career and life success and satisfaction. We conduct interviews with CEOs, top executives, entrepreneurs, and other change-makers on a wide range of topics, and make them available for download and replay.

We continue to add to this collection and you have a front-row seat–all at no cost to you! This is our gift to the world, so please check it out and share with your friends.


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