Executive Coaching

If you are working in a company and want to advance, develop your skills and/or draw more satisfaction from the role you are in, one of our executive coaches will hold a series of sessions with you to help you clarify what’s important to you and how best to lead from that place, taking advantage of your natural talents and building upon those strengths. This type of engagement often includes a 360 review conducted with 6-8 of your colleagues to gain clear insight into your strengths, areas of most value, weaknesses, blind spots, and opportunities. The work can include executive advisory and coaching with regards to preparing communications, strategizing meetings and presentations; developing your social media strategy (blogging, speaking, white papers, etc.), integrating life priorities and stress reduction, among other areas. You collaborate with your coach to craft a custom action plan to support your particular situation and goals and will be expected to complete activities between sessions.

  • Are you contemplating a move within, or outside, of your organization?
  • Have you recently been promoted and feel out of your depth?
  • Are you looking to lead your team with greater ease, confidence, and purpose?

If you answered yes to any of the above, we can help.

Coaching can transform a good career into one where you thrive—where you feel confident that you’re maximizing your contributions every day, the people around you are energized to be on your team, and you are living a meaningful life.

Our goal is to help you succeed.

Since 2004, we have helped hundreds of corporate executives and entrepreneurs craft and grow dynamic careers by helping them define and achieve their professional goals—and we can help you, too. Peruse a list of some clients we’ve worked with here.

As our coaching practice has grown, we’ve added skilled and diverse members to our in-house team to provide a comprehensive suite of executive coaching and consulting services in the arena of career design, advancement, and transition.

Together We Can:

  • define your personal leadership style and discover innovative ways to engage your workforce to become more fully vested and productive.
  • explore ways to increase your sphere of influence and negotiation skills, developing effective strategies to lead and advocate for yourself, your team, and your mission.
  • connect to your values so that you lead and make decisions from a place of integrity to live in alignment with what is most important to you.

Who Is Executive Coaching For?

Our clients are high-performing, respected, and ambitious professionals who have track records of success but face challenges to their leadership capacity, learning edge, and work style. They value the opportunity to be reflective and intentional in their career, and are looking for a partner to help them along the way.

Whether you want to advance to a new role or grow your capacity and satisfaction in your current position, 1:1 coaching provides a supportive environment to test new ideas, learn management and delegation techniques, and develop the skills to move from here to your ideal career—in a manageable, systematic way.

It is also a safe, confidential place to explore whether leaving your company—and perhaps your field—is the best path forward for you.

How Do We Get Started?

If you want to maximize your potential, let’s talk. We use a pragmatic and action-oriented approach to guide you toward your goals, so let’s explore how to put our skills to work for you.

If your company requires a group of coaches to support your executive team, we can draw on our network of top-notch coaches to assemble just the right crew to serve your organization’s needs.

It all starts with a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.

We’ll meet to discuss your desired focus areas and goals, and explore how we can work together to help you reach them.

More and more companies are sponsoring their executives for coaching. Your company may be willing to sponsor you! Let’s explore if this is an option.

Work With Us And We’ll Help You:

  • Prioritize your time on the right activities. Effectively interact with senior managers to drive solutions, strategies, and completion of key initiatives, including effective communication and education, self-management, and discipline.
  • Elevate your and your team’s performance through effective delegation. Change from reaction mode to coach and mentor, resourcing projects effectively to promote knowledge transfer, empowerment, and responsibility to team members.
  • Develop your personal leadership style and executive presence.Create a management style that is effective and integrates personal priorities.
  • Build a better work culture and create followership. Shift the cultural aspects of the team towards increased collaboration, positivity, and productivity.
  • Learn how to effectively manage up. Develop and implement strategies to work with C-level executives and other senior leaders, including how to deal with changing priorities.
  • Reduce stress and build a better sense of personal/professional life integration. Set boundaries with work. Integrate life priorities into daily work life and company culture to sustain energy and passion for the job.
  • Change old work patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you. Examine your historic work style and determine the effectiveness of those strategies, beliefs, and habits in your current role and beyond. Craft and implement new systems, strategies, beliefs, and mindsets to improve effectiveness and minimize personal emotional, mental, and physical toll.
  • Clarify what you want from your career and find your voice.Explore your personal and professional values and priorities, and determine how to live in alignment with them. Define your core message and step into the role you were born to play, whether it means writing a book, starting a speaking career, mentoring junior professionals, or other activities.

You’ll be working with one of our seasoned coaches…



Executive Coach and
Career Strategist

Merideth is Principal of Merideth Mehlberg International LLC. As an Executive Coach and a Career Strategist, she draws on her extensive corporate experience in recruiting, IT project, and product, management. A specialist in career strategy and executive leadership development, she uses her expertise and practical, results-focused approach to guide leaders through career transitions that align with their core values.

Since 2004 she’s worked with many respected companies and helped hundreds of people transform their careers and lives—from top executives, corporate employees and teams to entrepreneurs. To meet the growing demand for high-quality executive and career coaching and consultation, she has expanded her practice to include a team of in-house professionals to complement and extend the services that her agency provides.
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Career Consultant and
Resume Writer

Deborah is a career development expert who guides professionals to find new jobs, deal with challenges in the workplace, and perform at their best. She has helped clients get out of ruts, beat the competition (of 50 people or more) to land a job, find work after being unemployed for over a year, and overcome difficult and perplexing work situations to become healthy and happy in their work.

Deborah has been featured  on CNN, ABC News, Fox Business News, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, MSNBC, Forbes, and The New York Times. A writer and publisher of numerous business books and articles that help people find new careers, jobs, businesses and perspectives, her specialties include career transition, workforce strategy, work/life balance, leadership, communications and outplacement, as well as effective job search techniques including resume preparation, LinkedIn profiles, mock interviews, networking, offer evaluation, and salary negotiation.

Before she became a full-time coach, Deborah spent 12 years running sales and marketing programs for Fortune 500 and technology companies. A graduate of Coach University’s Business & Life Coaches Program, she holds an AAS degree in Data Processing from QCC, a BBA in Marketing from Hofstra University, and a Certificate in Financial Planning from New York University. She holds the designation of Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation and is a Certified Wellness Coach (CWC).

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Let’s Do This

When you work with us, we commit to helping you find your way toward a more effective, productive, and fulfilling work life. Our team of experts listen to your goals and then help you design and implement an action-oriented plan to reach them. With more than a decade serving clients with comprehensive executive coaching, we are equipped to help you navigate your path to a more fulfilling career—at any level.

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