Don’t Lose Momentum—Maintain and Continue Your Progress!

Working with a coach is one of the best investments you can make in your future—and your present. We all need support to manage changes, explore new ideas, and to help us create a life we love.

Whether you’ve completed one of our career coaching programs or our executive coaching engagements, you have accomplished a great deal, and committed to continuing to build momentum and stay accountable to your goals. Our periodic check-up program is designed exclusively for current and past clients to give you the on-going support and resources you need while navigating life and career transitions.

As a current or past client, this package allows you to enjoy continued coaching support to solidify and further the changes you have been making as a result of our work together, in an affordable way, while giving you a level of support and quality resources to keep you on track and moving ahead.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Periodic check-in sessions with your coach at the frequency and duration you choose.
    • Monthly
    • Bi-monthly
    • Quarterly
    • Semi-annually
  • Laser-focused coaching and support to make progress toward your outcomes;
  • Email support as you need it; and
  • Access to our career development template library.

Learn more about our periodic check-up service through a no-cost consultation, the coaching program that keeps you on track with the support and accountability you need.

Since 2004, we have helped hundreds of corporate executives and entrepreneurs craft and grow dynamic careers by helping them define and achieve their professional goals—and we can help you, too. Peruse a list of some clients we’ve worked with here.

As our coaching practice has grown, we’ve added skilled and diverse members to our in-house team to provide a comprehensive suite of executive coaching and consulting services in the arena of career design, advancement, and transition.

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