Our team provides boutique outplacement services to discerning employers wanting to take stellar care of employees departing the company.

Note: employees are referred to as “clients” in this section


Our company is a consortium of career practitioners, all with expertise in different areas of career transition and development. Each client works with one or more of our team members to progress through a set of services. Merideth and Kevin, principals, guide clients through the services and provide continuity of communication to the team to ensure a seamless transition from one service to the other. This approach allows the client to benefit from a variety of perspectives and specialties, and learn to listen to oneself in the process to define a career compass that makes transition an empowering, constructive process of self-discovery. Our approach is customized to the individual client, allowing a personal experience and a high level of flexibility to accommodate the evolving needs of each situation.

Services Available

Career Coaching

Clarity Coaching: If a client is considering a change in career direction /or focus and has a desire to take a reflective look at what they want from the next chapter of their career, a career coach will hold a series of sessions with the individual to help them clarify their values, favorite skills, natural talents, intrinsic motivators, ideal work environment, and leadership style. This process culminates in a vision of what the client would like to create in the next career stage and can include some exploration of options that could be a possible fit. Client will collaborate with their coach to craft a custom action plan to support their particular situation and goals and will be expected to complete activities between sessions.

Personal Branding & Positioning

To inform this process, the client educates the the team about the type of position being sought, providing job postings representing the target role.

Market Positioning Check: Client meets with our job search consultant to discuss career aspirations and desired next role. An assessment is made about how the client’s current positioning matches (or does not match) what a recruiter/hiring manager expects to see in a viable candidate, including core competencies, key language, and strategies to strengthen areas not optimized. A call then takes place between the job search consultant, resume writer, and client to agree how best to emphasize the client’s strengths and minimize weaknesses in the resume and LinkedIn profile.

Resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter update – One of our professional resume writers partners with the client to prepare an updated resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter to showcase the client’s top achievements, core competencies, and career progression in the best light. This is a collaborative process and includes up to three sets of revisions.

Professional Headshots – Our professional photographer holds a phone consultation with the client to discuss wardrobe and other aspects of taking a phenomenal professional photo. The client then visits the photographer’s studio in Oakland for a 30-minute studio session. Photographer curates best shots from the session and serves up an online gallery of the photos. Client selects preferred image and determines whether any photo retouching is required (to smooth a hair out of place, etc.), and then the finished photo is delivered ready for uploading into the client’s LinkedIn profile.

Job Search Consultation

Interview Preparation: Client works with our job search consultant to enhance interviewing skills and gain that extra edge. Client objectives, interviewing concerns, gaps and barriers to success are discussed and strategized. A custom, targeted set of interview questions is delivered; the client prepares answers and then a role play occurs, simulating a real-life interview situation. Afterward, a debrief conversation is held to strategize how to close any gaps and help the client feel prepared for various interview scenarios.

Job Search Consulting and Accountability: The client works with our job search consultant to learn the tools needed to conduct a smart, targeted job search. The consultant works with the client on various job search related activities and competencies including:

  • collaboratively preparing a list of five companies that potentially are good matches, based on the stated career interests (these companies may, or may not, have current openings)
  • an in-depth hands-on walk through the job search process, showing how to identify more companies to consider
  • discussion about effective networking strategies and developing an elevator pitch
  • a primer on how to develop relationships through networking and informational interviews.

Regular accountability check-in touchpoints at a cadence that makes sense for the client and job search consultant monitor job search progress, offer guidance and set goals for the following period of time.


The content of 1:1 sessions between client and coach/consultant cannot be shared unless client and coach/consultant specifically agree, or unless the client’s personal safety or the company’s legal liability or security is jeopardized. If needed, we can provide a progress report noting each participant’s progression through the services at an appropriate time during the engagement that both protects client confidentiality while also providing an update for where each client is in the progression of their engagement.

Next steps & for more information

To learn more about our outplacement services, assess fit for your organization and receive a customized quote, please reach out for a complimentary consultation.

ServiceJunior LevelMidLevelExecutive Level
Career Coaching
Clarity Coaching (50 min session)3 sessions3 sessions5 sessions
Market Positioning Check Session (60 min session)YYY
Market Positioning Check Debrief Call (30 min session)YYY
Resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter update (up to 3 revisions)YYY
Professional resume formattingYYY
Professional HeadshotYYY
Job Search Consultation
Interview Preparation3 hours3 hours3 hours
Job Search Consulting and Accountability3 hours6 hours9 hours
Program Duration3 months4.5 months6 months
Total Hours of Support (plus resume, LinkedIn & cover letter)10.513.518.5
Kick Off MeetingYes
*these sessions are focused on collaborative work to support resume and LinkedIn development for executive positioning only package

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