Professional Headshots

The Importance of a Phenomenal Photo

We live in the age of the image.

The age of the image, what does this mean? When you apply for a job, the first thing someone does is Google you. Now more than ever, you need to have a professional image to display on LinkedIn and other social media.

When you have a professional headshot, it raises your credibility, helps people trust you, and raises your market value. The right image also shows your sparkle, bringing out your authentic, best self through your expression and helping you make a deeper connection with others online. A masterful photographer can help elicit that photo from you.

With this package you receive:

  • an initial 15-minute phone consultation to assess your objectives, concerns, gaps, or barriers to success. As part of this discussion you educate the photographer about the type of position you are seeking and how you are positioning yourself;
  • a 30-minute in-studio photo session to take numerous photos, with your photographer guiding you through different poses and expressions to bring out the real you; and
  • an on-line gallery of images hand-picked by the photographer that showcase your best looks for you to choose from. Once you select your preferred photo and discuss any required touch-ups, the photographer finishes the image and delivers it to you in high- and low-resolution formats, ready to upload to LinkedIn and elsewhere on the web.

You come away from the experience with a professional image you can be proud of.

Don’t stay stuck any longer, let’s get started today!

Your photographer is our top-notch team member:



As a photographer, Nancy is inspired to create images that empower people personally and professionally. Her signature process helps people define their message and determine the best visual strategy to support their brand. Nancy believes that a phenomenal image is a powerful marketing tool— one designed to present you at your best. She believes that the right image will set you apart, establish your credibility, hold your viewer’s attention, and build trust— and she’s ready to create that phenomenal image for you.

From executives and entrepreneurs, to authors and speakers, Nancy works with professionals of all types and companies of any size. She has been creating dynamic images professionally for over 15 years. Her extensive client list includes: Lean In, Morgan Stanley, Williams-Sonoma, HNTB, Suite Seven, Coldwell Banker, My Fitness Pal, and Bender’s Whiskey.
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