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Falling off the balance beam

Yesterday, Double gold medalist and American gymnast Gabby Douglas bravely climbed up a second time onto the Olympic balance beam, after slipping mid-performance and dashing her hopes for additional medals from these games.   As America led out a collective sigh of disappointment, she bravely made her way through the rest of the routine and walked off the floor.   My heart went out to her.   Athletes like Gabby have their moment to shine.   Sometimes they do brilliantly; other times, they crash and burn…   …Just as we all do, in our lives, careers and…

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Chocolate Fun-Do

I’m not a go-out-for-New-Year’s-Eve kind of person. December 31st is one holiday I prefer to stay at home. So, you may be surprised to hear that I had a fantastic New Year’s Eve celebration. What was so great about it? We had a Fun-Do party. Huh? When my husband and I were married 18+ years ago, we received two fondue pots which, for the most part, sit idly by. I’ve often fantasized about holding a big party and serving all types of fondue from these fantastic pots. But as the years have marched on I’ve never gotten…

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