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On Love

Today is the day of love. And I’m wondering how you are feeling about it. I have always enjoyed Valentine’s Day, even before I was in a relationship or a mother. There is something about hearts, pink and red, and making Valentine’s cards that makes me feel present and content. I’m sure it is easy to feel sad on this day, too. Sad if you don’t have the love you want. Sad that your dreams for your life are not your reality. Sad that you are starting yet another year and not on track to make what…

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When a Door Closes, a Window Opens

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about endings. Endings of jobs, personal relationships, life stages, business relationships, and other transitions. My clients deal with all types of endings in their lives and they come to me for support. I find in my clients – and observe in my own life – that endings can feel scary and produce a great deal of grief and suffering. I see why this happens. Whether we’ve decided to let something go, or it has been taken from us against our wishes, the familiar pressures, patterns, and ups and downs of routine…

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The Ebb and Flow of Strong Emotion

There is an image that helps me weather times of intense emotion, such as fear or sadness, and I’d like to share it with you. Perhaps it will resonate and help you in times of stress, too. My favorite beach in Maui is Napili Bay, a beautiful small crescent of sand and surf with a view of neighboring island Molokai. When I’m there, I wade in past the breaking waves to a spot where I am up just up to my neck in the water but I can still touch. The sandy bottom has no rocks, so…

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