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Help! How do I Reinvent my Career Now?

Are you struggling to re-invent your career…or do you know someone who is? I’m happy to announce that on Monday, April 24, 2017, I’ll be conducting a half-day workshop for a wonderful organization, ReBoot Career Accelerator for Women. ReBoot offers a unique set of programs designed by women for women to help them re-enter the workforce after a break in employment to raise children. Their programs help you prepare to compete in today’s connected world, landing a job that makes you feel fulfilled and impactful professionally. I recently conducted this workshop for them and it was so well-received that they have asked…

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The Mystery of the Princess Party

  “Mommy, for my birthday party, I want it to be princesses.”   Shocked, I held my breath for a moment.   I could not believe those words had come out of my toddler’s mouth.   “Okayyyyyy…” I mumbled. “Are you sure?”   “Yes.”   Some context: Our almost 4-year old daughter has never before shown any interest in princesses. We don’t watch Disney princess movies and she doesn’t even know the characters’ names.   …But I sure do:  Belle, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine, Snow White, etc….

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