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9 Strategies to Create an Effective Resume

In a recent post, Three Keys to a Resume That Works, I mention that resume writing is an art and not a science and that everyone you talk to will give you a different perspective about what makes an effective resume. To expand on the ideas outlined in that post, here are some strategies for what we’ve seen work well for the hundreds of professionals who have partnered with our career coaching team. I’ve included answers to common questions we receive. Document length: No more than two pages. Early career professionals can target a one-page resume and…

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Three Keys to a Resume That Works

Resume writing is an art, not a science. Everyone has a different opinion about what kind of resume works. You have to run the advice you get through your internal filter to figure out what makes sense for you and your situation. I’m sharing what we’ve seen work with the hundreds of clients who’ve hired our career coaching team to get well-dressed for a career or job change. Here are three fundamental perspectives to consider: • The number one shortcoming with most resumes is that they tell the story of where you’ve been, but not the story of where…

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A Strong Foundation

When my husband and I purchased our home seventeen years ago, it was just a patch of brown dirt. Slowly, over several months, we observed as the home was constructed, visiting on weekends with our picnic lunch, lawn chairs, and the newspaper to witness the transformation of the bare ground into a lovely two-story house. It was an amazing, empowering experience. We took pictures all along the way. I remember when they poured the foundation, carefully framing it up, placing the rebar, and pouring the cement. They then made sure that the concrete dried flat, so that…

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