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KC Carter

This Epic Life: Start from Where You Are with KC Carter

If you’ve noticed that maintaining presence is a key to enjoying the business, family or impact you’re building, you are in the right place. – KC Carter A Kriyaban yogi, meditation guru, and company culture expert, Kristoffer (KC) Carter is a living, breathing example of awake, on-purpose living. Quick to laugh and exquisitely present, KC has devote his career to helping people live epic lives by optimizing one’s experience, from the inside out. Intrigued? Please join me for: This Epic Life: Start from Where You Are with KC Carter  Tuesday, 4/26 @ 12:00pm PT / 3:00pm ET RSVP for this…

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Seven Skills You Must Master to Thrive in Your Career (Part 2)

In the first part of this two-part post, I outlined the first four of the seven essential skills for thriving in your career. Here are skills 5-7: 5. Curiosity. Try to keep a beginner’s mind. Staying open to new perspectives is imperative in leadership and career mastery. I work a great deal on helping candidates prepare for job interviews, and a big part of that is cultivating a sense of curiosity. My clients have done the work to figure out what they want in their next opportunity, so in the interview, their primary task is to ask great questions…

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Seven Skills You Must Master to Thrive in Your Career (Part 1)

When I work with executive coaching clients, I help them explore what they want most from their careers–and by extension, their lives–and then I help them get it. To do this, we examine what their dream outcome would be. Once we clearly have this vision, we figure out how to make that a reality—this is no small task! In doing this exercise, we often uncover beliefs and skill gaps that need to be addressed before the goal can come to fruition. Although each person’s journey is different and their story unique, there are some themes in terms…

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