Have You Picked Your Theme For The Year Yet?

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February 6, 2017
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March 7, 2017

Each year for the past few I have chosen a theme word to represent what I want more of (or less of) in the new year.

This year, I have selected two words: flow and community.

Flow because it is a continuation of a project we started last year when my husband joined me in the business. It was a decision to consolidate our work and personal lives into one flowing whole. A way to invest in our family in a new way, essentially switching roles so that we can support our children more fully while also designing our lives to take advantage of our own individual strengths and natural rhythms.

The flow theme extends into how we operate at work, first in teasing apart how to operate the business with multiple people behind the scenes instead of one as it had been for many years, and second by building upon that base to now simplify and optimize our operations to make them easier to perform. It is a multi-year process and one that we are deep into figuring out now.

The intention is to take an extended road trip this summer with the kids and operate our business from the road. That will be the true test of flow.

My second theme for the year is community. For too long, I have operated a bit like a lone ranger, having trouble making time and effort for sustaining deep relationships other than those with my clients. Over the past few years, I have developed deeper relationships with my service team, the wonderful women and men who work with our coaching and consulting clients. And, I long for more connection and community around me, and I can see that others long for it, too.

The piece that has been a bit evasive for me has been plugging into, and helping foster, a community of people with shared values and interests. I notice that thriving communities are unstoppable, and help people build their sense of resilience and resourcefulness, both of which are values I hold dear.

I want to find a way to build more community in my life and work this year.

I want to help bring people together, and then hold space for wonderful things to happen. I have few pockets in my work where I get to do that, and it’s magical. I want to plant more seeds so that people find each other and draw strength from their camaraderie.

This week Kevin and I are bringing together our wonderful team that services our company’s clients to have a retreat, a time for us to get to know each other better and strategize how to grow our impact this coming year and beyond. I am so grateful to have these wonderful people around me, supporting our customers and want to invest in them so that they feel nourished, engaged and connected. It is so important to feel that way, I find, especially in our current political and economic climate.

As this year starts racing by, I’m making time for myself to slow down and see how I can prioritize activities around my two key themes for the year. If you have not yet done so, I encourage you to brainstorm and decide what yours is. There is still time.

Today, as the New Years’ resolution energy fades in the rear view mirror, is a perfect time to relax into the year and make it about what your hearts’ desire really is. Align your time and priorities around that theme, and you will be amazed come December 31 what has transpired in your life.