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Are you interested in improving your work and personal life? Of course you are!

If you want to improve your life, an essential ingredient for doing is a steady diet of inspiring material. Some people like to read, and if that is you, terrific! If you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of picking up a book, but still want to be inspired, consider piping in inspiration by listening to podcasts.

You can subscribe to podcasts on your iPhone or Android by clicking into the podcasts function. Podcasts are free to access, and once you subscribe they fill your queue so that you will have plenty to listen to whenever you find yourself on a drive, subway commute, treadmill, or run.

If you are a podcast newbie, here are a few of my favorites to get you started.
  • Good Life Project with Jonathan Fields. A global sensation and grand experiment into what it takes to live a good life. I’m always impressed by the guests Jonathan invites on his show and the way that the conversations unfurl to get to the bottom of a person’s story—how they came to be who they are and how they are living a life of purpose. Jonathan describes it as “in-depth, unscripted, deeply-inspiring conversations and insights from acclaimed artists, entrepreneurs, makers and world-shakers.”
  • Happier with Gretchen Rubin. Author of several books including The Happiness Project, Gretchen and her sister converse in this fun, helpful collage of happiness life hacks. Gretchen describes it as, “My experiments in the pursuit of happiness and good habits.”
  • Side Hustle School with Chris Guillebeau. Prolific author, World Domination Summit founder and world traveler, Chris’ new daily (!) podcast is about how to diversify your life and not be dependent on a single employer. This new podcast is an experiment he’s doing in 2017 and it’s a great resource.
  • The Creative Giant Show with Charlie Gilkey. An eclectic mix of riffs and interviews with movers and shakers in the realm of expressing one’s creativity while making a difference in the world. From Charlie’s site: It’s “the podcast that dives behind the scenes to talk about what it takes to thrive as a creative person who’s actually making a difference in the world. The podcast is a mix of interviews, jams, and riffs with Creative Giants at varying levels of success.” I like the realness of this one.
  • The Career Space is my interview series. While not currently available on iTunes, it can be played directly from the website or downloaded to your favorite device. A few to start you off include Fred Kofman’s The Essence of Personal Effectiveness, Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges with Amy Cuddy, and Achieve More by Doing Less with Dr. Christine Carter.

Talk about low barrier to entry! So many resources that you can access anytime, and start being inspired so that you can, as one of my mentor coaches says, “raise your vibration in the world.”

Happy listening!

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