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How does a company tell their story effectively to attract the right clients?

This was the driving question for us as we started the process of rebranding and a website redesign back in February of 2017. As a coach, working with clients who wish to make positive changes is a joy, AND I recognize that the process can also uncover pain, uncertainty, and raise more questions.

Embarking on a redesign and rebrand of our company put me in the client seat. The process involved debate, disagreement, a deep dive into our corporate psyche, and in some cases, letting go of things I held dear. We listened to our clients, each other, and our creative team to get to the essence of who we are. Our goal was to provide a clearer way to describe our services and present it in an easy navigable form.

We got to know our clients in a deep way and set the goal of speaking in the right way to our future clients as an audience. How do YOU use our website? What do YOU want to get from it? I also wanted a website that could accommodate a look forward as we envision more ways we can serve clients who wish to change or grow their careers.

A Reorganization and Clearer Definition of Our Services

The practitioners at Merideth Mehlberg Career Group (MMCG) are not a loose contingent of service providers. We do not operate in silos. Our mission is to provide our clients with a team of experts ready to assess your personal needs and to journey with you through your process of discovery.

Over the past year we have improved our internal processes to enable better communication between practitioners and for clients, especially for clients working with multiple MMCG providers. We set up ways to work together on every level, relying on the strengths of the entire team to better serve everyone.

This means that if you just come to us for a resume and LinkedIn update, the service you get and the outcome is backed by a philosophy, a knowledge of what works, of our entire team, not only one practitioner’s knowledge.

We rely on each other to help our clients—and we use what we know and what we learn to continue improving our service. Our dearest hope is that the new site strongly conveys this.

We strived to define our services in a clear way to enable potential clients to easily see our entire offerings, and to be able to hone in on what they need. We simplified descriptions and created icons and other visual cues to help you walk through our website with ease. We also added success stories and examples to allow our prospective clients to learn from the journeys of our past clients, and see firsthand the incredible results and changes our clients they have made.

Where Should You Start?

To use the new website, we recommend you go here to see what we offer. If you are new to our site or haven’t used our services yet, you can read about each of our program offerings and also get more detail about our practitioners. If you are a current client or have worked with us in the past, you may find additional services that you need…or can pass along to a friend.

What Does the Future Hold?

Please bookmark this blog to stay connected as we learn and discover knew things relating to career or life in general. Stay tuned for expansions to our site as we build community, create more podcasts, refresh our newsletter, launch groups, classes, and other activities and resources that can help ambitious professionals (like you!), regardless of the phase they are in their careers.

Please tell us what you think of our new site and any ideas you have for how we can make it even stronger and provide the services and resources you need on your journey—we welcome your feedback—and thank you!

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