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Learn about Positioning at Merideth Mehlberg Career Group and how it can help you define your career direction.

Merideth Mehlberg Career Group (MMCG) is unique because we offer a suite of services and personalized packages for each individual and our Positioning service is no different.

Positioning is actually a group of three services:

Market Positioning Check
Resume Writing (and LinkedIn Profile)
Professional Headshots

Clarity is Key To Find Career Direction

Our Marketing Positioning Check service happens after clients have clarity about their desired career direction, through the process of exploring their values and skills and pinpointing where they’d like to go, professionally. We then turn our attention to helping them develop their resume and LinkedIn profile. We also coach them on how to talk about themselves with networking contacts and employers (including their elevator pitch).

People get excited when we talk about market positioning, but don’t understand why we can’t start with this service.

If you’re seeking work fulfillment, you need to have momentum to catapult yourself into a different direction. Overcoming inertia can be challenging. That’s why we often propose coaching to provide clarity before you start market positioning work with us.

Once you’ve reached a point in defining what you want next, our resident job search consultant and recruiter takes that information and guides you in how to talk about yourself with power and confidence. When making a change it can be scary to put yourself out there, but with our team’s assistance, you can be packaged up to get what you want in your next job.

What are Your Values?

Positioning helps you assess your skills and your values, to be sure what you are going for is a fit.

When you work with our practitioners, you gain new objective viewpoints. This is where the team approach can be magical and collaborative. With your coach and your job search consultant, you’ll work together to fine tune how you’ll present yourself.

To find out more about positioning, go here and to read more about our process and our job search consultant/recruiter’s background, go here.

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