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As a former IT Product Manager, I understand the importance of data.

I understand the desire for clear outcomes and measurable proof, and the want to quantify everything, so it’s somewhat ironic that, as a career coach, results and measures of success are, well… squishy.

But How do we Know Our Process Works?

There is a definite structure around our process for each client. As a team, our career practitioners bring our skills to the table, and team up with our clients to flesh out what they need to make a change and move forward. We have pooled our knowledge to create a process that works; even if clients don’t use all of our services, they get the benefit of a team of career professionals who have their finger on the pulse of how to make a successful career transition.

There are three stages to this process, starting with determining what needs to be solved or changed: Clarity? Positioning? Confidence? Presentation? Then, we work together to develop a plan and provide guideposts and artifacts along the way to keep us on track. We create action and accountability maps to guide clients along their unique paths. We all stand behind a common philosophy on how to help clients get themselves from start to finish.

Check out the success stories on our website to read about a few people who we’ve helped:

  • Paul, who successfully transitioned from individual contributor to senior level executive
  • Jessica, who defined what she wanted and made a career change to something she really wanted
  • Jason, who positioned himself strongly for a shift to corporate business strategy

What Do These Stories Have in Common?

Each of these stories started with a unique problem where we worked together with the professional to define, strategize, and solve. Our goal is to help clients to look inward, set goals, and forge their own unique paths to creating the careers and lives they want and love.


Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash


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