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job search workshop

I have been promoting my upcoming Job Search workshop on Saturday, October 20.

I have searched for articles to support the content I’m creating for my workshop,

And you know what?

There are tons of articles, blog posts, books out there about an effective job search.

But they are all missing something that I believe is KEY:


Seriously. I read books on the subject all the time and I googled and read at least 30 articles that all offer the same basic tips: good resume, network, blah blah blah. All of those are COMPONENTS of a job search. I couldn’t find one that helped you design an actual PLAN for getting this accomplished.

One of the most maddening things about a job search is the anxiety around it.

When you’re looking for a job, especially if you are out of work, you are in a constant state of distress. And the distress is caused by things you don’t know and things you can’t control.

All of these articles give you a list of WHAT to do.

So, as I read through all of this material, I know that my workshop offers something that I just can’t find elsewhere.

The HOW.

  • How to go about it.
  • How to design your plan tailored to your own needs.
  • How to remain accountable to yourself, when no outside force is giving you any feedback.
  • How to gain assurance you’re doing everything you should be doing.
  • How to not lose your mind in the process.

So many people know what do to but it’s the how that’s hard. It’s facing a blank page. It’s putting a pin on the map. How do you organize the known things to build up a defense against the unknown? How do you know when it’s okay to take a break and enjoy freedom during the day? How do you assure your friends and family that it’s all okay, especially when you are in a state of what feels like career disarray?

Does this sound like you:

  • You’ve noticed that the job hunt is quite different than even a few years ago.
  • You think you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing, but not getting the response you are expecting.
  • You feel overwhelmed by all the expectations today’s job seekers face when looking for a job.

What if you could develop a comprehensive roadmap based on your specific needs to help bring order to the chaos?

Join me on Saturday, October 20th and get your plan in place!

The workshop focuses on evaluating your job target right on the spot with guided work to help produce a plan to hunt more effectively using a combination of a good resume and pitch, solid networking strategy, and tips on how to network for the jobs you want. These strategies can help you improve your hit rate and build momentum in your job search. You’ll walk away with a personal framework for navigating your job search so that you can feel successful, even before you accept an offer. These things don’t all happen overnight. It’s cultivating a garden that may take time to grow.

Bonus: Enroll in the job search workshop and receive an additional 25 minute, 1-on-1 consultation with me after the workshop to further strategize your search ($150 value) and a group follow-up call (to be scheduled in workshop).

To enroll in this workshop or to get more information, go here and I hope to see you on Saturday, October 20 in Alameda at 9 am!

Yes! You can attend remotely! Special remote pricing is $175 and use code REMOTE to apply.

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