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I’ve always been someone who likes to solve problems at the root. I’m also an excellent pattern matcher. So it was natural that I would, over the thousands of coaching conversations I’ve held, start to notice some things. About six years ago, I started writing those things down. Over time, I turned the ideas into polished stones, writing and thinking about them in different ways to hone them. As a result of this reflection, the ideas crystallized into seven patterns of behavior and belief that keep people stuck in their careers. These traps, I observed through the learning lab of my job, could be reversed with the application of seven corresponding strategies. Doing so ushered in an experience of one’s career as fulfilling, impactful, and successful on their terms. This I call experiencing a sense of “livelyhood.” 

Over and over again, I’ve witnessed the success professionals have had when employing these seven strategies, whether they intended to grow in place, make a job change, or even a career pivot. I became excited at the prospect of sharing the formula with more people than I could reach individually so they could experience similar results. Thus, Your Finest Work was born.

In the complex, tumultuous time we now live in, steadiness needs to come from within. Fortunately, the seven strategies work in concert to help you steady yourself from the inside out. You start by determining which traps you fall into and then apply the corresponding strategies to shift your career trajectory to have more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

The benefits of following a discerning career path are many. They can include landing the job you want, getting a promotion to the next level, or making a strong start down a new career path. But it’s more than these things. The intangible benefits can include building rich relationships with others, defining your version of success, coming back to life after a setback, and aligning your work with your perceived purpose in life. Above all, it means taking charge of your life to the greatest extent rather than being controlled by other people or events. 

You may feel a strong desire for professional meaning and a longing to steady yourself in an unsteady world. Here’s the good news: right now is a great time to develop a sense of professional agency and turn that sense into reality. There is still time to transform your situation, regardless of where you are starting from. You can live a vibrant life through your career, doing your finest work. Your wake-up call can open doors to a career that is fulfilling, impactful, and successful. And it can be done on your terms. You have within reach the tools you need to reorient yourself and find your footing on the path to where you want to go.

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