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A collaborative journey to positive change

For nearly 20 years, Merideth has used a proven framework and holistic approach to help executives grow both personally and professionally.

Specializing in executive and career coaching solutions for individuals and companies, Merideth is committed to providing each client with a clear approach that leads to results.

Merideth Mehlberg

Merideth's Approach

To achieve the career you long for, it’s all about embracing intentionality, taking ownership of your decisions, and transitioning from a mere observer of your journey to its mastermind. While this approach requires some effort, the rewards are truly remarkable.

Merideth’s process involves a blend of helping you clarify your aspirations and staying attuned to others’ needs. Then, step by step, she guides you toward taking action. The aim is to infuse each day with excitement, nurture your self-assurance and impact, and provide a robust support network.

Merideth seamlessly combines the practicality and wisdom gleaned from her extensive tech background with the empathetic manner you’d expect from a coach. Picture a skillful fusion of attentive listening, reframing, and classic coaching techniques, all infused with invaluable insights from her own career journey and her role as a thought partner to over 1,000 accomplished and emerging leaders. The result? Strategic conversations that consistently offer targeted, actionable steps and a deep sense of empowerment over your career – and, ultimately, your life.

Executives who have worked with Merideth have accomplished:

  • Landing a job that included a 45% increase in salary over their previous role
  • Relocating across the country and starting a role in a new company and industry
  • Changing to a new industry
  • Moving from a full-time employee of a large company to a founder of a startup
  • Changing from work that feels like it violates one’s values to work that feels mission-aligned
  • Closing out an entrepreneurial venture and returning to a full-time role
  • Stepping up a level with a job change
  • Gaining certifications in a new arena as part of a career change


Merideth Mehlberg


CEO, Executive Coach, Career Strategist, & Writer

Kevin Mehlberg Headshot


Chief Operating Officer

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Merideth Mehlberg Group has worked with clients across a broad spectrum of industries and professions—from computer software to the financial sector to nonprofit organizations, science, and transportation. Here are just a few companies.

Mass Mutual
Mckinsey & Company
Kendall Jackson
Global Threats Fund
Dun & Bradstreet
Gallagher & Lindsey
Women's Initiative
24 Fitness
Tom James
Redwood Toxicology Lab
Sports America
Oppenheimer Funds
Morgan Stanley
Mills College

Merideth served as both a coach and a cheerleader for me, which was exactly what I needed at the time, and she quickly picked up on this. Ultimately, my desire to make a change in my career became a reality with Merideth’s coaching support.

Niccolina Mangroo, Head of Global Programs

Over the course of working with Merideth, I evolved from a new middle manager to a seasoned executive in senior leadership. I overcame numerous struggles and embraced exciting opportunities, all while guided by Merideth’s unique, encouraging, and effective style.

Chris Bailey, Director of Innovation & Architecture

Right away in our first conversation, she was reframing and restructuring what I was saying in a way that helped me see things differently.

Brent Nichols, Sr Product Manager

Merideth has such a great ability to understand where people are at and where they need to go. She knows the barriers that keep people from reaching their career goals, and I like that she provides a framework for how to get past them with very clear steps.

Jennifer Miles, Executive Director of Brand & Content Marketing

Merideth does not merely give advice or answers. Instead, she takes the more impactful approach of guiding you through a structured process in which you arrive at your own preferred course of action.

Chris Bailey, Director of Innovation & Architecture

We spent a lot of time working through what aspects of a role and a career are most valuable to me. Then we looked at each of the opportunities I was considering to see how they matched up. It really helped to frame my decision-making.

Brent Nichols, Sr Product Manager

I’ve learned that I can lead in the way that’s unique to me and feels right even if it’s not what other people have done.

Elene Terry, Director

Insightful, thoughtful, savvy, and action-oriented, Merideth was instrumental in catapulting me from analysis-paralysis to defining my goals and building an action plan to meet them. She has the ability to validate your thoughts and ideas, yet simultaneously challenge and encourage you to think outside of the box.

Niccolina Mangroo, Head of Global Programs

I wanted to let you know that I got a new job! I’m absolutely sure it’s the result of all the work you did with me to focus my goals and the wonderful resume and LinkedIn profile Madelyn created for me.

Thank you so much for all of your amazing guidance. I could never have achieved this new job, my dream job, without you.

If I had to describe Merideth in two words, it would be perceptive and thoughtful. I worked with Merideth for two and a half years and boy what a difference that time made! Not only have I grown into a more thoughtful and insightful leader myself, but overall I feel I have become a better person as well.

Amit Asija, Innovation & Architecture Lead

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