1How do I know which program is right for me? Where do I start?
We’ll guide you to the program that meets your needs. We offer three discrete types of services: career coaching, executive coaching, and corporate solutions. Starting with a complimentary consultation, we listen to your needs and desired outcomes, focusing on your specific situation. Next, we recommend the best program to meet your needs. We work with you in a highly personalized way where you also have input in how your program unfolds. To get started, visit here to fill out a short questionnaire; you will then be taken to a calendar to schedule your appointment.
2How long do your programs last? Do you offer hourly coaching?
Most engagements span 90 days to six months, though there are other options. Some clients work with us over several years for ongoing coaching; others come for a brief interval to work towards a specific objective. We don’t offer hourly coaching, as we do not find that hourly coaching works for our clients to achieve their outcomes. Instead, we find that focused, ongoing coaching and support produces better results.
3What does it cost?
We are not an inexpensive service. Our coaches and consultants are very experienced and we offer a comprehensive set of services. If your primary focus is on price, we are likely not the right service for you. If you have a budget you would like us to keep in mind as we design your program, you can share that with us during your consultation. We will work with you to maximize your investment while providing the services and level of support that you need to achieve your goals. You can pay in full or use our payment plan option.

For career coaching, we offer these packages. Our career coaching programs for individuals range from $1495 to $5,495 and above. Our comprehensive career services include clarity coaching, market positioning, resume, LinkedIn development, interview practice, and job search consulting.

Our executive coaching engagements for individuals and teams start at $7,495 and extend up to $40,000 or more.

Contact us for more information on scope and pricing of corporate solution engagements. Programs are non-refundable. We want to make sure that you are all-in with your program—we are 100% committed to your success.
4How are you different from other coaching firms and practitioners?
Our in-depth market research study with a cross-section of our clients has shown that we differ from other coaching services in the following ways:
  • Significant level of support—tailored game plan. Rapport, responsiveness, and deep listening.
  • Practical approach—with a clear process and accountability.
  • Whole person support—-we combine head, heart and gut, engaging logic, intellect, spirit, and instinct to hold big questions, noodle answers and make movement happen
  • Results-focused—we tie our methods to quality and outcomes, with regular check-ins to make sure you are making the progress worthy of your investment.
5Will I work with Merideth directly?
Your program may involve coaching with Merideth and/or with one of our skilled coaches through the methodology that Merideth Mehlberg Group endorses for best results. We ensure that you work with the practitioner(s) that are right for you.
6What happens if I get into my program and something changes in my situation?
We pivot. We design a set of services for you that in most cases sticks; however, occasionally something may happen that leads you to a different set of desired outcomes than when you started. For example, a client initially wanting a new full-time job through clarity coaching realized he instead wanted to run his own business, so his career coaching program evolved to support business startup activities. If you land your dream job before you finish redeeming your career coaching program with us, we modify your remaining program to help you with on-the-job executive coaching. We apply the same principles to our executive coaching clients and our corporate solutions clients to address changing needs.
7What industries do you have experience in?
Our team has worked across a variety of industries, including:
  • Technology
  • Sales, marketing, and advertising
  • Transportation
  • Human resources, recruiting, and career development
  • Finance, banking, and Wall Street
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Nonprofit
  • Academia
  • City government
  • Science
  • The arts
8Where are you located? Do you work in-person or by phone?
Most of our team is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, though we also have resources in New York. Depending on your location and situation, you can choose to coach and consult with us in-person, by video, and/or by phone. Some of our services are exclusively offered by phone or video, as they lend themselves to increased efficiency.
9Who is Coaching for?
Our clients are high-performing, respected, and ambitious professionals who come to us with a track record of success, but often face challenges to their career development, leadership capacity, learning edge, and work style. They are looking for a partner to help them thrive in the next stage of their career.

Merideth Mehlberg Executive Coaching is also a safe, confidential place to explore whether leaving your company—and perhaps your field—is the best path forward for you.
10How do I know if I am a good fit for your services?
We specialize in working with high potential leaders desiring professional fulfillment, to make the impact longed for, and perform optimally to provide value to their companies and communities. Our sweet spot is working with:
  • Impact-focused, top-line business executives and emerging leaders working in positions of influence in realms such as product management, marketing/communications, technology and non-profit.
  • Mid-career executives who hold either C-level role, president, VP, officer, chief of staff, senior director, director or similar, and/or are targeted for advancement to a role in this category.
  • these leaders:
  • Have something meaty to work on that is energizing personally, are on both a personal and professional journey.
  • Own their stuff, take professional development work seriously, and do the work.
  • Are highly engaged and reflective. Have means and time to be intentional, and value a thought partner.
  • Are super smart and have ongoing learning as a core value. Believe that work is more than a paycheck.
  • Are making an impact and/or interested in making/increasing impact. Are resourceful, highly networked and resilient.
For our corporate solutions, we serve discerning employers who want to invest in their people and executives who want to invest in themselves, recognizing that their greatest resource is their people.

If this sounds like you, consider a complimentary consultation. Apply for one here.

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