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We’ll guide you. We offer services in executive and career coaching and facilitation for established and emerging executives. If you are looking for coaching services, we listen to your needs and desired outcomes, focusing on your specific situation. We then create for your consideration a customized program to meet your needs. Our programs are highly personalized. You always have input in how our work together unfolds. To get started, visit here to fill out a short questionnaire; you will then be taken to a calendar to schedule your appointment.

If you are looking solely to update your resume and LinkedIn profile, we are not the best fit.

Most engagements span 60 days to six months, though there are other options. Some clients work with us on an ongoing basis beyond their initial coaching program for continued support and partnership. Others come for a brief interval to work towards a specific objective. We don’t offer hourly coaching, as we do not find that hourly coaching works for our clients to achieve their outcomes. Instead, focused, ongoing coaching and support produce better results.

Our in-depth market research study with a cross-section of our clients has shown that we differ from other coaching services in the following ways:

  • Significant level of support—tailored game plan. Rapport, responsiveness, and deep listening.
  • Practical approach—with a clear process and accountability.
  • Whole person support—-we combine head, heart, and gut, engaging logic, intellect, spirit, and instinct to hold big questions, noodle answers and make movement happen
  • Results-focused—we tie our methods to quality and outcomes, with regular check-ins to make sure you are making the progress worthy of your investment.

Yes, Merideth is the primary coach for your sessions. She only takes a select number of clients, so you get white glove service, including ad-hoc support outside of coaching sessions. You also become a part of an exclusive network of leaders who have helped each other expand their professional circles, land opportunities, make informed decisions, learn new things, and – in some cases – build strong friendships.

We pivot. We design a set of services for you that in most cases sticks; however, occasionally something may happen that leads you to a different set of desired outcomes than when you started. For example, part-way through coaching, a client who started with the goal of finding a new full-time job realized he instead wanted to run his own business. We adjusted his career coaching program to support business startup activities. If you land your dream job before you finish redeeming your career coaching program with us, we modify your remaining program to help you with on-the-job executive coaching.

Our team has worked across a variety of industries, including:

  • Technology
  • Sales, marketing, and advertising
  • Transportation
  • Human resources, recruiting, and career development
  • Finance, banking, and Wall Street
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Nonprofit
  • Academia
  • City Government
  • Science
  • The arts

We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Currently, you can choose to work with us by video and/or by phone. We find these modalities lend themselves to increased efficiency; the sessions are quite action-oriented and the screen share function comes in handy!

Our clients are high-performing, respected, and ambitious professionals who come to us with a track record of success, but often face challenges to their career development, leadership capacity, learning edge, and work style. They are looking for a partner to help them thrive in the next stage of their career.

Merideth Mehlberg Executive Coaching is also a safe, confidential place to explore whether leaving your company—and perhaps your field—is the best path forward for you.

We specialize in working with high-potential leaders desiring professional fulfillment, to make the impact longed for, and perform optimally to provide value to their companies and communities. Our sweet spot is working with:

  • Impact-focused, top-line business executives and emerging leaders working in positions of influence in realms such as product management, marketing/communications, technology, and non-profit.
  • Mid-career executives who hold either C-level role, president, VP, officer, chief of staff, senior director, director, or similar, and/or are targeted for advancement to a role in this category.

These leaders:

  • Are on both a personal and professional journey, and have something meaty to work on that is energizing personally,
  • Own their stuff, take professional development work seriously, and do the work.
  • Are highly engaged and reflective. Have means and time to be intentional, and value a thought partner.
  • Are super smart and have ongoing learning as a core value. Believe that work is more than a paycheck.
  • Are making an impact and/or interested in making/increasing impact. Are resourceful, highly networked, and resilient.

For our corporate solutions, we serve discerning companies and executives who want to invest in their greatest resource, their people.

If this sounds like you, consider a complimentary consultation. Apply for one here.

Career coaching is focused primarily on gaining clarity as to your ideal career and/or career direction. It may include a new role within your current company or industry all the way up to changing industries altogether. Our programs will help you identify what is most important to you and where you are most likely to find a career that supports those values. We then help you chart a path to achieving the change you are seeking.

Executive coaching is focused on helping you grow in place, addressing a pressing issue in your current role/company/industry, and may include communication, management style/skills, strategy, thought partnership, executive presence, or performance among others. Our goal is to help you find your footing and thrive.

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