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The year of living gently

During a recent meeting of CEOs, the idea of 2023 being “the year of living…

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Set up the scaffolding you need to be successful

You exponentially increase your chance of success by building the structure and support you need…

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Be Willing to Surrender

My all-time favorite guided meditation is by storyteller and meditation teacher Sarah Blondin; I’ve listened…

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Focus on getting to “good enough”

Getting to where you are in your career involves you setting high expectations for yourself…

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Try three things, three ways, three times

When you put yourself out there to connect with other leaders in positions to help…

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The choice: pursue career delight OR what others expect of you

I hear this all the time: you want to make a professional pivot to work…

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Leadership Trap: No fuel in the tank

As the alarm chirped, Robin reflexively hit the snooze button. Thirty minutes later, she felt…

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