Holiday Jammie Drive

Adopt a Family for Christmas

Our 2020 Jammie Drive is now underway!

The Jammie Drive benefits the residents of Alameda’s Midway Shelter and four other shelters in the East Bay supporting those affected by domestic violence.  This effort is coordinated through the Building Futures for Women and Children organization, which operates the shelters for our community. The gifts received directly support the women and children residents of Alameda’s Midway Shelter, their safe house, the San Leandro Shelter, and two others.

As with most everything else this year, COVID-19 is affecting this special holiday giving program.  In concert with the staff of Building Futures, we have createed a gift-giving program that includes social distancing for their staff, the shelter residents, and you, our generous donors.  As a result, we are moving our Drop-off/Thank you event to a virtual format and asking that all donations be shipped directly to the San Leandro offices of Building Futures.

We are so grateful for the continued generosity and support our community has shown for the Building Futures organization year after year as well as the wonderful work they do to help those in need.  Your support this year is needed now more than ever. 

Please visit our Sign-up Page here to adopt a family.


Who receives my gift?

The gifts are provided to the residents of five local facilities that support victims of domestic violence: Midway Shelter and its accompanying safe house, as well as three additional shelters in the East Bay. Some residents are single women, while some are single moms with between one and six children each, ranging in age from newborns to teenagers. The Shelter’s safe house is a place for moms who are back in the workforce, further along in their transition than the Shelter residents.

I decided to make this a personalized giving campaign. This means we have set up a way for you to adopt an individual family and use their age, gender, and size information to provide gifts specific to each family member. For the purposes of confidentiality to protect the residents, family names have been fictionalized, but your contribution does go to the family you select.

What is the deadline for donating / purchasing and dropping off gifts?

The deadline for all gifts of clothing and gift cards to be received by Building Futures is Friday, December 11th.  (Signups will close on December 9th).

Where and when do I drop off my purchases?

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we ask that donations be shipped directly to Building Futures or that you use one of the limited drop-off options. Shipping instructions, including requested labeling and delivery address, can be found here.  If you plan to use one of the drop-off options, please download the shipping instructions, complete the drop-off label on the last page and include with your donation.

Do I need to do anything special to drop off my donation at one of Alameda’s fire stations?

Unfortunately, the Alameda Fire Stations will be unable to accept donations on our behalf this year due to CVOID-19 protocols.

How do I donate money if I don’t want to do the shopping myself?

There are two ways: the preferred way is through SignupGenius.  Select Monetary Donation from the sign-up list. Payment can be made via credit card or PayPal. The recommended amount is $20 per family member who you are adopting.  Second,  you can write a check to “Building Futures for Women and Children”, and send via mail directly to their offices at 1840 Fairway Dr.  San Leandro, CA 94577.  Please include “Jammie Drive 2020” as a note on your check.  The deadline to donate via Signup Genius is Wednesday, December 9th.  If you are donating directly to Building Futures, the last day to participate is December 24th.

If I am doing the shopping myself, what do I buy?

For the moms: pajamas or sweatshirts/pants.  For the kids, pajamas plus optional underwear and socks. Including other cozy clothing is fine too. We have a separate selection for each family so that you may choose to donate slippers.  If you would like to donate jammies AND slippers, please be sure to select and sign up for both items.  All items must be new.

Can I wrap the gifts?

Shelter staff has asked us NOT to wrap the gifts. They have volunteers, civic groups, and staff who take great joy in contributing to the giving effort by wrapping all the gifts. Also, sometimes there is a need to make a few substitutions, so being able to see what is being provided is very helpful to the Shelter staff. Thank you for your understanding.

How do I label my gifts so that they get to the right person?

Please download the shipping/labeling instructions here. This will help shelter staff keep track and organize the donations as they arrive.

If I want to make a card for my family, who should I address it to?

You can make a card with no “To:” on it.  Keep in mind the names of the family you are donating to have been fictionalized for privacy reasons.  Please do not use these names on your card as that is not something the actual family will recognize. Just put your card with your gifts and they will get to the right family.

Can I include other things such as new toys in my gift?

Yes, the shelter welcomes your additional gifts.  All additional gifts should be new and unwrapped.

Tell me about the holiday party – can I bring my kids?

Yes! People who sign up to donate will receive a separate Evite invitation with all of the virtual party details. The holiday party will be a time to celebrate the giving experience and will include music and entertainment. It will be held on Wednesday, December 9th virtually via Zoom.

I want to be involved but haven’t adopted my family yet. How do I get started?

Adoptions are now open and can be accessed here.

I reached out to say I’m interested and have not received my login to SignupGenius.

Adoptions are now open and can be accessed here.

I adopted a family in SignupGenius but haven’t received an invite to the party.

The party is currently planned for the evening of December 9th.  Invitations will be sent out approximately 1 – 2 weeks in advance.

I haven’t adopted a family and wish to make a general monetary donation to be used for whatever still needs to be purchased.

The signup page includes an item for making a cash donation.  Please visit the SignupGenius site and scroll down to the sign-up section. The first option is for a monetary donation. Click sign up and you’ll be taken to another screen where you can input your donation amount and submit via credit card or Paypal.  If you need assistance, please be in touch and we will be glad to help.

I am not on the notification list for this event and would like to be. How do I get on it?

Fill out the form below to be added to the list.

Do you need any additional help?

Yes! We certainly could use some help with various aspects of this event. If you are interested in helping out with organizing the party or helping with additional shopping required for the families that are choosing to donate money, please be in touch.