Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges

“Presence…is about tricking yourself into accepting that you are indeed capable.” – Amy Cuddy Harvard psychologist, power pose queen and TED phenom Amy Cuddy has become a modern crusader for […]

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Amy Cuddy Headshot

Amy Cuddy

Harvard Business School Social Psychologist & Professor Learn More About This Speaker

This Epic Life: Start from Where You Are

A Kriyaban yogi, meditation guru and company culture expert, KC Carter is a living, breathing example of awake, on-purpose living. Quick to laugh and exquisitely present, […]

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Kristoffer Carter Headshot

Kristoffer (KC) Carter

This Epic Life Meditation Expert, Writer & Teacher Learn More About This Speaker

Response-ability: The Essence of Personal Effectiveness

1 hr

Philosopher and LinkedIn VP Fred Kofman applies the concepts of his seminal work, Conscious Business, to career development and leadership. Fred and I discuss the following topics: How to take […]

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Fred Kofman headshot

Fred Kofman

LinkedIn Philosopher and Vice President Learn More About This Speaker

A New Approach to Work/life Balance

30 min 46 sec

Nicola shares her secrets for having the best of both worlds – personally and professionally – including the critical step of redefining success at each stage […]

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Nicola Taggart headshot

Nicola Taggart

Nicola Taggart & Co Founder Learn More About This Speaker

Achieve More by Doing Less

Would you like to accomplish more with less effort and time? Presenting the latest research on positivity, productivity and elite performance, Christine Carter, PhD. demonstrates a sweet paradox: […]

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Dr. Christine Carter Headshot

Dr. Christine Carter

Greater Good Science Center Sociologist & Senior Fellow Learn More About This Speaker

Finding Your Inner Calm

Do you find yourself getting thrown off-kilter when people around you are stressed out? There is no vaccination or magic pill to reduce stress. We can’t […]

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Simma Lieberman headshot

Simma Lieberman

Simma Lieberman Associates Workplace Culture Strategist Learn More About This Speaker

Getting Out of Your Own Way

Drawn from the works of Byron Katie, Martha Beck and other thought leaders, Mer shares about how to build awareness, observation skills and ultimately success when […]

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Overcome Fear and Become Invincible

Do you wonder just what you could accomplish if nothing held you back? A You Tube sensation and popular TEDx speaker, Jia talks  about a crushing defeat in […]

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Jia Jiang headshot

Jia Jiang Entrepreneur / Blogger / Author / Speaker Learn More About This Speaker

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