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Executive & Career Coaching

Coaching with Merideth is a breath of fresh air. She is a trusted thought partner helping executives navigate day-to-day challenges and long-term career desires. She only takes a select number of clients, so you get white glove service, including ad-hoc support outside of coaching sessions. You also become a part of an exclusive network of leaders who have helped each other expand their professional circles, land opportunities, make informed decisions, learn new things, and – in some cases – build strong friendships.


Merideth is an adept and experienced moderator who can design and lead mission-critical meetings, offsites, retreats, and strategy sessions.

Who Merideth Coaches

Merideth’s clients are high-performing, respected, and ambitious professionals with a track record of success who may face challenges in their leadership capacity, learning edge, and work style. They have had a wake-up call that can’t be ignored and are motivated to make a change, considering such questions as:

  • How can I become a better leader and realize my full potential?
  • How can I make a change without blowing up my life?

Should I stay or should I go?

If your sole goal is to revamp your resume and refine your LinkedIn profile, this is not the right fit. 

As part of the coaching process, Merideth can offer a step-by-step do-it-yourself process with instructional videos, sample resumes, and LinkedIn profiles, or she can introduce you to trusted professionals who provide these services.

Crack the champagne! Offer letter signed after negotiating the base up and adding a 12-month guarantee. Really excited about this new opportunity and can move forward without hesitation. Thanks for your role in helping me become more intentional and in-tune with what’s important to me in my personal and professional life. Looking forward to working with you more and to further future successes!

Phil Astrachan, RVP

Merideth is supportive, personable, and takes a genuine interest in helping you achieve your goals.

Stephanie Casenza, Nonprofit Executive

When you coach with Merideth, the lessons you learn will stay with you for life and give you a clearer perspective. She brings to the table an immense amount of experience and a treasure chest of knowledge. She has this style where she can be brutally honest and transparent with you in identifying your weaknesses and then work with you to grow your strengths and minimize or eliminate your weaknesses.

Amit Asija, Innovation & Architecture Lead

I would definitely rank Merideth as one of the top coaches I’ve worked with. She truly feels like a partner and has your back, but she will also give you honest feedback and help to push you out of your comfort zone.

Kathy Makranyi, Global Head of Marketing and VP

Merideth is very good at communication. She helped me think about and frame things in different ways. She is also an active listener and doesn’t interrupt. The flow of our conversations was really open, and it made me want to bring a lot to the table because I knew the more information she had from me, the more she could pass back to me.

Kevin Rui, Controller

Right away in our first conversation, she was reframing and restructuring what I was saying in a way that helped me see things differently.

Brent Nichols, Sr Product Manager

It’s like job therapy.


Merideth has such a great ability to understand where people are at and where they need to go. She knows the barriers that keep people from reaching their career goals, and I like that she provides a framework for how to get past them with very clear steps.

Jennifer Miles, Executive Director of Brand & Content Marketing

Prior to working with Merideth, I had interviewed seven other coaches. It only took one conversation with her for me to know that Merideth was exactly the kind of coach I was seeking.

Niccolina Mangroo, Head of Global Programs

Merideth has helped me so much. I’ve become a different person. I’m excited about work now, and it’s easier to deal with the stress and long hours because I’ve rediscovered what my purpose is. I knew I’d changed when I realized one Sunday night I wasn’t nervous about going to work the next morning.

Kevin Rui, Controller

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