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Executive and Career Coaching

Breakthrough Leadership

Take ownership of your career path: chart your course to your finest work with Merideth at your side.

If you’re seeking to take stock, craft an intentional approach, and advance your career trajectory with an expert guide, you’ve come to the right place.

Merideth’s sweet spot is helping established or emerging executives navigate the journey to professional fulfillment, while also becoming a more effective leader. You’ll relax into a personalized process of welcoming the next phase of your career, one step at a time.

Whether you are interested in:

  • growing where you are,
  • landing a new job, or
  • making a career change…

Merideth is a trusted partner throughout the journey. In a safe, confidential one-on-one setting, you’ll discover answers to your burning career questions. You’ll gain more energy, measure your progress, and focus time effectively toward achieving the career life you want to live.

Finding Your Path

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If You Are Growing In Place

Merideth will help you manage your time more strategically in line with your career priorities. Together, you assess your leadership style, strengths, areas for development, and career aspirations. This insight forms the basis for a comprehensive plan to increase the aspects you desire while minimizing the rest. With Merideth’s guidance, you’ll experiment with approaches to enhance team dynamics and personal well-being, maintaining a healthy balance. Sometimes she conducts confidential 360-degree reviews through qualitative interviews with colleagues you select, yielding valuable feedback that shapes an action plan for greater influence and impact. Optionally, Merideth can liaise with your executive sponsor, ensuring a coordinated effort toward your goals.

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Finding Your Path: If You Are Embarking on a Job Search

Merideth’s proprietary process helps you identify the qualities you most desire from your ideal role and teaches you how to spot them in future opportunities, fostering ongoing career growth. Once clarified, you explore options using brainstorming, interviews, career history, and research, tapping into both your own and Merideth’s networks. Drawing from a wealth of case studies, she’ll help you pinpoint your path. These insights enable you to effectively target opportunities and customize how you present your qualifications on paper, online, in networking, and in interviews. You may even find a renewed commitment to your current role, with a meaningful shift. One of the many gifts of working with Merideth is you’ll gain self-trust to make well-informed career decisions, guided by a lasting internal compass.

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Finding Your Path: Continuing on a Path Toward Excellence

After landing your new role, you can seamlessly transition to having Merideth as your on-the-job executive coach. This ensures an intentional start, aligned with your career vision. Merideth will guide your onboarding for a strong foundation, setting the stage for your future success. Once up and running, she serves as your thought partner helping you strategize along to way while you execute on your career vision.

Have Questions?

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Merideth lets me explore the challenge and what I want to do about it. She never takes on the work herself because she knows the answer lies within me. What she does really well is to help me clarify my thoughts. Merideth then holds me accountable and has me nail down what I’m going to do and when I’m going to do it.

W, Sr. Director of Engineering

It’s like job therapy.


A key aspect of Merideth’s executive coaching style is the focus on strengths-based feedback. We certainly worked together on areas of opportunity, but more importantly, we worked to amplify my own unique strengths to become truly distinctive. Through this work, I was able to grow leaps and bounds in my career, all while maintaining my own unique identity and remaining authentic.

Chris Bailey, Director of Innovation & Architecture

Merideth makes the most of our time together—when we leave an interaction, I’ve gotten what I needed and more!


I reached out to Merideth when I decided to make a career transition and I’m so glad that I did. From the moment I started talking to her, I knew I was in good hands. It’s clear Merideth’s been doing this work for a while and she knows what she’s talking about. Her confidence and competence was exactly what I needed as I talked to her about my career transition.

Michelle Godwin, SF Coalition of Essential Small Schools

If you’re looking to better understand your career and how to give more or get the most out of where you are, I highly recommend working with Merideth. Her work ethic is second-to-none and, more importantly, she’s compassionate and empathetic. This was a real partnership and, because of it, I feel more energized, more skillful, and more creative.

Jonathan Kaplan, Communications Officer
Open Society Foundations

Merideth is supportive, personable, and takes a genuine interest in helping you achieve your goals.

Stephanie Casenza, Nonprofit Executive

Merideth is technologically very savvy and has helped other leaders in similar shoes to me, meaning those great at technology but who want and need to grow into the leader they aspire to be. I highly recommend Merideth as a coach to anyone wanting to operate on a higher plane in their career.

Amit Asija, Innovation & Architecture Lead

I’ve learned that I can lead in the way that’s unique to me and feels right even if it’s not what other people have done.

Elene Terry, Director

I got a contract HR Business Partner job through some crafty networking, which makes me proud. The job has a high probability of conversion to regular/full-time. It feels 100% right and I can say that with clarity because of my time with you!

Jonna Hensley, Country HR Consultant
Keysight Technologies
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