The Power of Breakthrough Leadership

Being a leader means making a difference. And the difference between potential and fulfillment is often closer than we think. Merideth Mehlberg Group believes in elevating today’s professionals by adding meaning, recognition, and impact to their careers.

We love working with people who can change the world. Our Executive Coaching is high-touch, our approach is both inspirational and practical, and our results speak for themselves.

Whether you want to advance to a new position, expand your current role, or develop your executive brand, we provide a supportive environment to test ideas, discover solutions, and pursue leadership at the next level.

How Can Executive Coaching Help Me?

  • Strategic Leadership
    Utilize tools for increasing productivity, getting more done in less time, and leveraging your role in the company
  • Gravitas
    Improve your executive presence and influence with powerful presentation strategies and communication techniques.
  • Personal Platform
    Develop your outlets for speaking, publishing, and network engagement, both inside and outside of your company.
  • Promotions
    Learn how to prepare, advocate, and negotiate for better jobs and bigger roles.
  • Purpose
    Find meaning through work; giving back to your company and community, and in your family and personal life.
  • Confidence
    Define your values, strengths, and intentions to provide the resiliency and self-esteem needed for leadership.

Executive Coaching Services

Individual Coaching

Individual sessions with Merideth Mehlberg are a safe, supportive way to chart your path to positive change. We understand the unique responsibilities, pressures, and opportunities that come with your position, and have helped hundreds of talented executives who simply decided that they want more.

Executive coaching can unlock your leadership potential and provide you with clarity and confidence—both on the job and elsewhere in life. We use a pragmatic and action-oriented approach to help guide you to the place you want to be.

360 Review & Action Planning

We work with professionals looking to grow leadership roles within your current company or organization. Whether contracted by you or by the company, we enlist a holistic approach to better understand your ecosystem. This often takes the form of a confidential 360 Review, in which we consult individually with select colleagues to gain better insight into your strengths, weaknesses, blind spots and opportunities. By taking us inside the company, Merideth Mehlberg Group can provide the crucial 360 perspective that helps remove obstacles and fuel real change.

Target Strategies

Prioritize your time

Use discipline and focus to drive solutions, strategies, and completion of key initiatives, optimizing your schedule for big picture thinking while ensuring stellar tactical execution. Master the art of delegation to maximize your time.

Learn how to manage up

Employ proven methods for interacting with C-level executives and senior leaders to increase your effectiveness and influence. Develop your authentic communication style to ensure alignment with leadership and your seat at the table.

Raise your profile

Increase your gravitas and executive presence. Grow your position as a thought leader, inside your company and within the industry. Cultivate your perspective and translate it into speaking, publishing, blogging, and social media opportunities.

Elevate team performance

Change from reaction mode to coach and mentor. Promote knowledge transfer, empowerment, and responsibility to team members. Define ways to keep the team on track.

Reduce stress

Improve the integration of your personal and professional life. Instill boundaries, priorities and personal habits in your daily routines to sustain energy and passion for the job.

Build a better work culture

Foster productive cross-functional relationships, shifting your team from silo-ed workstreams to increased collaboration, positivity, productivity, and pride.

Who is Executive Coaching for?

Our clients are high-performing, respected, and ambitious professionals who come to us with a track record of success, but often face challenges to their leadership capacity, learning edge, and work style. They are looking for a partner to help them thrive in the next stage of their career.

We offer a safe, confidential place to explore whether leaving your company—and perhaps your field—is the best path forward for you.

Free Initial Consultation

You’re considering life-changing decisions. Congratulations.

We recommend starting with our no-cost, no-obligation 30-minute consultation, where we can get to know you, talk about your goals and aspirations, answer your questions, and determine how Merideth Mehlberg Group can best serve you.

Why not start now?

  • Stephanie Casenza, Nonprofit Executive
    Merideth is supportive, personable, and takes a genuine interest in helping you achieve your goals.
    Stephanie Casenza, Nonprofit Executive
  • Jonathan Kaplan, Communications Officer
    If you're looking to better understand your career and how to give more or get the most out of where you are, I highly recommend working with Merideth. Her work ethic is second-to-none and, more importantly, she's compassionate and empathetic. This was a real partnership and, because of it, I feel more energized, more skillful, and more creative.
    Jonathan Kaplan, Communications Officer
    Open Society Foundations
  • Michelle Godwin, SF Coalition of Essential Small Schools
    I knew what my overall mission was, but I didn't know how to get there. I wasn't confident about my skills, my experience, my future. Merideth talked me through it, helping me fill out her very comprehensive Career Compass tool to get a much clearer picture of my future career path.
    Michelle Godwin, SF Coalition of Essential Small Schools
  • I’ve had more interest in my career, and I’m being presented with more opportunities from recruiters and company execs, in the last 6-8 weeks than I’ve had in years. These are mostly unsolicited interactions.
  • Amit Asija, Innovation & Architecture Lead
    When you coach with Merideth, the lessons you learn will stay with you for life and give you a clearer perspective. She brings to the table an immense amount of experience and a treasure chest of knowledge. She has this style where she can be brutally honest and transparent with you in identifying your weaknesses and then work with you to grow your strengths and minimize or eliminate your weaknesses.
    Amit Asija, Innovation & Architecture Lead
  • It’s like job therapy.
  • Jonna Hensley, Country HR Consultant
    I got a contract HR Business Partner job through some crafty networking, which makes me proud. The job has a high probability of conversion to regular/full-time. It feels 100% right and I can say that with clarity because of my time with you!
    Jonna Hensley, Country HR Consultant
    Keysight Technologies
  • Niccolina Mangroo, Head of Global Programs
    Insightful, thoughtful, savvy, and action-oriented, Merideth was instrumental in catapulting me from analysis-paralysis to defining my goals and building an action plan to meet them. She has the ability to validate your thoughts and ideas, yet simultaneously challenge and encourage you to think outside of the box.
    Niccolina Mangroo, Head of Global Programs
  • Amit Asija, Innovation & Architecture Lead
    Merideth is technologically very savvy and has helped other leaders in similar shoes to me, meaning those great at technology but who want and need to grow into the leader they aspire to be. I highly recommend Merideth as a coach to anyone wanting to operate on a higher plane in their career.
    Amit Asija, Innovation & Architecture Lead
  • Michelle Godwin, SF Coalition of Essential Small Schools
    I reached out to Merideth when I decided to make a career transition and I'm so glad that I did.  From the moment I started talking to her, I knew I was in good hands. It's clear Merideth's been doing this work for a while and she knows what she's talking about. Her confidence and competence was exactly what I needed as I talked to her about my career transition.
    Michelle Godwin, SF Coalition of Essential Small Schools
  • Niccolina Mangroo, Head of Global Programs
    Merideth served as both a coach and a cheerleader for me, which was exactly what I needed at the time, and she quickly picked up on this. Ultimately, my desire to make a change in my career became a reality with Merideth's coaching support.
    Niccolina Mangroo, Head of Global Programs
  • Chris Bailey, Director of Innovation & Architecture
    Merideth does not merely give advice or answers. Instead, she takes the more impactful approach of guiding you through a structured process in which you arrive at your own preferred course of action.
    Chris Bailey, Director of Innovation & Architecture
  • Beth Budwig, UX Leader
    Celia is one of those rare people—she’s incisive and direct, yet warm and compassionate. This balance was key as I grappled with job search and then unemployment. She helped me play at a high level and I landed a fantastic job thanks to Celia's help with interview prep. She shifted my thinking and helped me show up as my best self.
    Beth Budwig, UX Leader
  • Amit Asija, Innovation & Architecture Lead
    If I had to describe Merideth in two words, it would be perceptive and thoughtful. I worked with Merideth for two and a half years and boy what a difference that time made! Not only have I grown into a more thoughtful and insightful leader myself, but overall I feel I have become a better person as well.
    Amit Asija, Innovation & Architecture Lead
  • Chris Bailey, Director of Innovation & Architecture
    Over the course of working with Merideth, I evolved from a new middle manager to a seasoned executive in senior leadership. I overcame numerous struggles and embraced exciting opportunities, all while guided by Merideth’s unique, encouraging, and effective style.
    Chris Bailey, Director of Innovation & Architecture
  • Niccolina Mangroo, Head of Global Programs
    Prior to working with Merideth, I had interviewed seven other coaches. It only took one conversation with her for me to know that Merideth was exactly the kind of coach I was seeking.
    Niccolina Mangroo, Head of Global Programs
  • Merideth Mehlberg Career Group makes the most of our time together—when we leave an interaction, I’ve gotten what I needed and more!
  • Phil Astrachan, RVP
    Crack the champagne! Offer letter signed after negotiating the base up and adding a 12-month guarantee. Really excited about this new opportunity and can move forward without hesitation. Thanks for your role in helping me become more intentional and in-tune with what's important to me in my personal and professional life. Looking forward to working with you more and to further future successes!
    Phil Astrachan, RVP
  • Chris Bailey, Director of Innovation & Architecture
    The lessons I learned from Merideth will last a lifetime. I highly recommend her as an executive coach - just be prepared to be challenged, as everything worth achieving comes through hard work!
    Chris Bailey, Director of Innovation & Architecture