Dave Logan

coach Merideth Mehlberg
Merideth Mehlberg
August 21, 2015
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Simma Lieberman
August 25, 2015
CultureSync Senior Partner & President

As Founding Partner and President, Dave’s job is to connect people to members of the CultureSync tribe and then get out of the way. That’s a long way of saying he doesn’t do any actual work, other than consulting, writing, giving keynotes, or hiding from everyone at CultureSync by teaching at the USC Marshall School of Business, where he’s been loitering since 1996. When people try to make him sound credible, they say things like New York Times #1 author of four books, consultant to three dozen Fortune 500 companies, and PhD in organizational communication from the Annenberg School at USC.

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Speaker Showcase

Full-Spectrum Leadership

A master of Rhetoric and the guy who helped put “tribes” front and center in the global lexicon, Dave helps us understand how to use the tension […]

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