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Does Your LinkedIn Photo Help or Hurt You?

My team and I spend a lot of time working in LinkedIn, helping clients optimize how they position themselves to get what they want professionally.

AND, I’m always surprised by the opportunity people miss to bring their best foot forward on that platform: their photo.

Many people either don’t want to put a photo up or they put one up that isn’t doing them any favors.

If you don’t have a photo on LinkedIn, you might as well not have a profile.

When people view your profile and there is no photo, it appears that you are not fully committed, not energetically available, and not trustworthy….it can give the impression that you are hiding something.

If you DO have a photo, but it does not show your sparkle, it is working against you.

What do I mean by sparkle?

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Is It Possible?

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Big Scary Goals

I’ve been noticing a pattern, lately, with my clients…and myself. We all have a big scary dream that makes us shake with excitement and fear. Whether it’s: Writing a book Going back to school Running a half-marathon Letting go of…

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