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“Merideth is the thread that weaves us all together. She keeps us on task, holds us accountable, and creates a space for us that is safe, frank, and compassionate.”

“Merideth’s facilitation elevates the conversation so that we’re always adding value. She has a gift for asking the right questions and helping us hone in on what the real issues are. Her ability to know when the right question is not being asked and continue probing until the main question is answered is formed is what allows CEOs to then do what we do best, which is problem solve.”

“We brought Merideth in to help facilitate leadership conversations and ultimately produce an action plan for next steps. The subject matter concerned how best to support leaders and employees in embracing some significant, strategic company changes. She came in with a robust plan for how to quickly engage with individuals on the management team as well as key leaders across multiple time zones. She executed effectively and efficiently and produced invaluable insights for the C-suite paired with actionable, specific next steps. Merideth was integral to our leadership team moving through a difficult time, and I highly recommend working with her!”

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